Grade 1 to 4 ThemeVille Math Reviews

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You want to give your students a solid foundation upon which to build their math skills. ThemeVille Math can help you accomplish that goal in your homeschool. Created by Dr. Avi Patil, ThemeVille Math provides daily lessons that focus on only one concept at a time. Each lesson begins with a daily review (called pre-lessons), which serves as a warm-up and cumulative review for students. Then, the lesson moves into the new material. Members of the Crew have been using ThemeVille Math with their students. Families were able to select from four different levels:

  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3
  • Level 4

The company also has a fifth level available. Each level is a complete math curriculum. It comes with a Worktext and a Solution’s Guide. The Worktext contains the student pages and tests. Information for the teacher is also available in the Worktext, in gray boxes. The Worktext comes three-hole-punched, so you can store it in a binder if desired. The Solution’s Guide features small images of each page and provides the answers to each problem. You can also opt to purchase a manipulative kit for each level, though you do not need this kit to teach this program successfully. This math curriculum meets or exceeds Common Core State Standards for math. Here’s a little more information about levels 1-4.

Level 1

You will find 120 pre-lessons and 120 lessons at the first grade level. There are ten tests in the worktext to check for mastery. Among other topics, Level 1 covers:

  • Counting in the groups of 10s, 5s and 1s
  • Place values of 10s and 1s
  • Addition/Subtraction within 20
  • Measurement of length
  • Money
  • Numerals – Words
  • Word problems
  • Ordinal numbers

Level 2

This level has 120 pre-lessons and 120 lessons covering second grade material. The worktext includes ten tests. Your student will learn about these and other topics at this level:

  • Review of the Level 1 (first ten lessons)
  • Place values of 100s,10s, and 1s
  • Multiplication/Division within 100
  • Even – Odd numbers
  • Long addition/subtraction
  • Operations with arrays, number line, money
  • Plane/Solid figures, Perimeter
  • Clock reading, Calendar
  • Graph reading/plotting
  • Word problems

Level 3

To help your student learn important concepts in third grade, this level includes 120 pre-lessons and 120 lessons. There are ten tests throughout the worktext. The first ten lessons provide a review of Levels 1 and 2. There are ten tests included in the worktext. Here are a few of the topics your student will study:

  • Long addition/subtraction
  • Long multiplication/division
  • Area and Perimeter, Symmetry
  • Combined operations
  • Number composition/decomposition with place values
  • Clock/calendar reading and working with durations
  • Data analysis and histogram
  • Measurement units (kg – gm, lit – ml)
  • Word problems

Level 4

Your student will study fourth-grade concepts in Level 4. There are 126 pre-lessons and 126 lessons. The first ten provide a review of Levels 1-3. In the worktext, you’ll find ten tests to help ensure your student is mastering the concepts. At this level, here are a few of the topics your student will be covering:

  • Fractions, Mixed numbers
  • Addition/Subtraction of fractions
  • Factors, Prime numbers
  • Comparison/Rounding of numbers
  • Long division
  • Decimals – Tenths, Hundredths
  • Time calculations
  • Word Problems

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