GPALOVEMATH Online Math for Grades K-5 Review

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GPALOVEMATH is a web based math program by GPA LEARN.   They have math programs designed for Kindergarten through 5th grades.  Each level has a different animated character to coach your child.  These “Learning Coaches” guide your child through supplemental math lessons and practice drills.


Each grade consists of over 150 lessons and 10,000 problems.  The lesson format is as follows:

Instruction — Practice — Quiz

Completing 4 to 5 lessons a week will complete a grade in approximately 10 months

A unique feature to this program is it’s fun motivational rewards system.  Parents can pick and choose which rewards their child will receive by completing lessons.  Rewards can vary from an extra bedtime story, a trip to Chuck-E-Cheese, even a FREE gift card (limited number available).  Parents can also make up their own rewards to add!  Pick as many or as few rewards as you want!  There are over 100 rewards to choose from!

GPALOVEMATH has other great parenting features, such as receiving emails immediately upon completion of a lesson by your child.  Parents are also given the opportunity to navigate the lesson themselves.  This is a great feature to help open dialog with your child about what they learned that day on GPALEARN.  Weekly summary emails are also sent showing each lesson completed during the week by your child and the scores they received.

The program is compatible with PC, Mac, iPad and Galaxy Tab on a variety of browsers.

GPALEARN is a great way to make learning math fun for your child!


GPA LEARN ReviewA big thank you to Jennifer Altman of Chestnut Grove Academy for writing this introductory post.

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