Fortuigence Review

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If you have ever wanted to bang your head in frustration when teaching writing to a teenager, then you may be quite interested in learning a bit more about Fortuigence. This online writing course for teens might completely change how your child gets this subject done as the ‘heavy lifting of critiquing their work is removed from the homeschool parent’s shoulders.

Fortuigence Review

Favorite College or College Prep ResourceLily Iatridis founded Fortuigence after more than a decade teaching in a traditional classroom. She wanted to create an environment where the students could have one on one feedback from their instructor, yet with some flexibility for both the instructor and student in when and where they complete their work.

Their semester long Essay Rock Star writing program has four writing units and takes about four weeks to complete each unit. Crew members were provided with access to one of these writing units ($57 per unit) for the course of this review.

Fortuigence Review

Each of the units had a 5 step approach.

Step 1: Brainstorming

Step 2: Organization

Step 3: Free Writing

Step 4: Revision

Step 5: Editing

The course consists of a series of videos and pages to read online with assignments which are uploaded when completed. Feedback is sent to the email on record (which could be the parent’s or the student’s.)

Essay Rock Star Personal Statement Writing Course

This course will help your teen compile a personal statement, just like ones required for many colleges in their admissions process.

Essay Rock Star Persuasive Essay Writing Course
This course helps your teen identify when an assignment requires a persuasive essay and teach them how to write one.

Essay Rock Star Textual Analysis Writing Course
This course covers one of the most common types of writing assignments, where the student has to make observations and support them with facts.

Essay Rock Star Expository Essay Writing Course
This course covers another frequent style of writing assignment where they must educate their audience on a particular subject.

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Fortuigence Review

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