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Crew members were chosen to review six different film DVDs offered by FishFlix.com, a website devoted to providing the best quality Christian movies to families. At FishFlix.com, you’ll find faith-based comedies, dramas, children’s movies, documentaries, biographies, historical films and many more. Families can enjoy these together for fun, for part of homeschool or even to accompany Bible studies or family worship. Here’s a short list of the films reviewed by the Crew!

exploring ephesusExploring Ephesus

Did you know that the country of Turkey houses some of the most important sites of early Christianity? The city of Ephesus is located there, and was the location of the church mentioned in Revelation 2 as well as a location on the apostle Paul’s missionary journeys. In this film, historians Dr. Mark Wilson and Dr. Andrew Jackson introduce us to the sights, sounds and narrative of this important seat of Christianity.

john wesleyTorchlighters: The John Wesley Story

Do you enjoy sharing missionary stories with your children? In this special recounting of Wesley’s life, children are inspired and educated about one man’s life and the challenges and victories he experienced as he sought to live for God and bring His message of grace to the downtrodden.

privileged speciesPrivileged Species

Is life random…or the result of a loving Designer’s intelligent plan? Privileged Species examines science at its most minute, and magnificent, levels, to show that our entire universe was indeed designed perfectly for our needs and use.

unbrokenUnbroken Legacy of Faith Edition

The famous new film about Louis Zamperini’s life, faith, and triumph, Unbroken, is now available with special features to encourage families of faith. In this DVD edition, viewers can see, in addition to Unbroken itself, exclusive interviews between Zamperini and: CBN; Pastor Greg Laurie; director Angelina Jolie; and a special message from The Billy Graham Evangelical Association and the famous runner.

flightFlight and Metamorphosis

Flight introduces viewers to the intricate design process woven into birds and their innate abilities and instincts. Incredible camera work capturing birds of all sizes and shapes beautifully displays the intelligent design behind their creation.

metamorphosisMetamorphosis takes the viewer on the life journey of butterflies, from the cocoon to full-grown and beautiful flying creatures.

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