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History can be dry and less than appealing to some children. So how can you make learning history fun? One of the most effective ways for many children to learn is through a hands-on project. These hands-on history puppets from Figures in Motion make learning history fun and interactive for children of all ages.

Figures in Motion Hands-On History Puppets at Homeschool Review Crew

Figures In Motion aims to provide your child with a unique, exciting, and creative hands-on history project. Don’t worry there is no need to take an expensive trip or buy props to bring history to life. Instead, Figures In Motion uses paper dolls that your child can make, but these aren’t your ordinary stiff paper dolls. No, these paper dolls are more like puppets, they are created in a way that allows for movement. These moveable, paper puppets are easy to assemble and can but used to supplement any history curriculum. Get ready to engage your child with movable paper puppets of great men and women in history. They are quick and easy to assemble and are designed to supplement any history curriculum, but they complement biographical studies as well. Surely now your children will be excited about history!! 

Creation of History Puppets

Figures In Motion was created by Cathy Diez-Luckie an award-winning illustrator. While homeschooling her children she created articulated puppets of the Pilgrims. Her children played with these far beyond Thanksgiving, using them to retell the stories long after the holiday was over. Seeing how powerful a learning tool she created for her own children, she decided to share this wonderful creation with others. Now, she has created several books spanning different time periods and several historical men and women. 

Figures in Motion Hands-On History Puppets at Homeschool Review Crew

The book that contains the paper puppets is softcover with perforated pages to remove the desired page. For greater durability, you can laminate the puppet to make it sturdier, but the paper is cardstock material. At the front of each book is a short description of each historical figure along with books that can be read to further the study or learning.  

Figures in Motion Hands-On History Puppets at Homeschool Review Crew

For each historical person, there is a full color and a black and white page available. This is a nice option as some children wish to take their creativity further and color the puppet, while some might choose to not. Next, just cut out and assemble the body parts using a 1/8″ hole punch where shown, then attach with mini brads. The backside of the puppet gives clear directions on the pieces to fasten together. Now, you’re ready to act out the stories of history with your child. You now have a way to make learning history fun, interactive and memorable.

History Puppets From Many Eras

The Homeschool Review Crew families have been busy creating puppets from the following books: 

Famous Figures of Ancient Times: Travel back to ancient times with  21 historical men and women. Figures include Jesus, Moses, David, Julius Cesar, Alexander the Great, and more! 

Famous Figures of the Middle Ages & Renaissance: In full time-period costumes, journey back to the Middle Ages & Renaissance with 21 historical figures. Figures include Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus, Leonardo da Vinci, and more!

Famous Figures of the Early Modern Era: Discover the Early Modern Era with 21 historical figures such as; Catherine the Great, William Penn, Isaac Newton, Pocahontas, and more!

Famous Figures of the American Revolution: Learn about key figures in the American Revolution with 10 historical figures such as; George Washington, Betsy Ross, soldier of the Continental Army, and more!

Famous Figures of the Civil War: Create hands-on learning by creating 10 puppets from the Civil War Era with historical figures such as Abraham Lincoln, Harriet Tubman, Clara Barton, and more!

There are several ways your child can use Figures In Motion in a hands-on history project. They can create scenes for their puppet to act in or use them to help retell a historical event or story. These puppets are sure to spark a motivation to learn history and help with the retention of information. 

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Figures in Motion Hands-On History Puppets at Homeschool Review Crew

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