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This article is in collaboratoin with Singapore Math Inc.

The popular Primary Mathematics series from Singapore Math Inc. has been updated and refreshed for a US based audience. Members of the Homeschool Review Crew have been enjoying teaching math with this new series, Dimensions Math PK-5.

With Dimensions Math, the first semester for a grade is labeled A, and the second semester is labeled B. Reviewers were able to select one semester of material to review, from PK-3A. They received the textbook, workbook, and teacher’s guide.

Dimensions Math PK-5 follows the unique Singapore approach to math that this company is known for. The materials gradually move students along in their understanding of mathematical concepts, moving through the Concrete, Pictorial, and Abstract stages.

In the beginning, students use concrete things to do the math. This hands-on approach helps improve understanding and prepare the student for the next stage.

The pictorial stage gives students pictures to use as learning aids. Instead of five counting blocks that the student can pick up and manipulate, there will be pictures of those blocks. In this stage, students also draw their own representation of the math problem.

When students have mastered a mathematical concept with the help of concrete or pictorial aids, they move into the abstract stage. Students in this stage understand what mathematical symbols represent and can use them to solve a problem.

As students learn new concepts, they move back and forth between the stages. This overlapping approach to instruction helps them fully understand the material.

The Dimensions Math PK-5 Materials

Throughout all stages, Dimensions Math PK-5 equips students with a variety of strategies for solving mathematical problems. The textbook, workbook, and teacher’s guide work together to help students master the concepts.

The textbook offers short lessons, with a focus on images instead of text. The workbooks offer corresponding practice, allowing students to use their new knowledge in a different way. Almost every lesson in the textbook relates to a page in the workbook.

The teacher’s guide contains introductory notes on the mathematical concept being introduced. It offers key points to help make teaching easier for the homeschool teacher. You’ll also find activity suggestions, ideas for differentiation, and all the answers and solutions to the problems in the workbook and textbook.

In levels 1-5, review is integrated throughout the book. Each chapter ends with extra practice for students. There are four additional review lessons found mid-way through each book, and at the end. These help students review all previous learned material to ensure mastery.

Online Resources

In addition to the physical textbook, workbook, and teacher’s guide, you can find resources online. These can be used to supplement your instruction and provide additional materials.

These resources include:

  • Videos of songs (for PK and K)
  • Lesson materials lists
  • Blackline masters

Dimensions Math PK-5 from Singapore Math is a complete curriculum to help your students master key mathematical concepts.

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A big thank you to Lisa Tanner of Maggie’s Milk for writing this introductory article.

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