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I am extremely excited about this review.  Ever since my family started our homeschooling adventure 10 years ago, we have  been searching for a Bible Curriculum that is “meaty” and not “dumbed-down”.  I’ve seen some that are more like a coloring book, some that are simple fill-in-the-blank books; but I have not found one curriculum that requires some thought and in-depth study.  I think that Deeper Roots may be just what we’ve been looking for.

Deeper Roots has Bible Curriculum available for  Junior High (7th, 8th, and 9th grade), and Senior High (10th, 11th, and 12th grade).

The Junior High curriculum is made up of 4 books in the Discovering…..series.  The titles of these books are Discovering Our Amazing God, Discovering Who I Am In Christ, Discovering Christ-Like Habits, and Discovering Christ-Like Character.  This curriculum includes both student workbooks and teacher’s guides.  Each book can be used for one semester, or adapted to a full year.  The extensive teacher’s notes help minimize preparation time.  The books contain engaging artwork and unreached peoples profiles (very interesting).  They are inductive Bible studies that confront real-life issues.

You can find out more about this curriculum here.

The Senior High Curriculum is the Rooted & Grounded series and is made up of two different books.  Each book is a full one-year course and each contain seperate teacher’s manuals and student workbooks.  Again, these contain extensive teacher’s notes to help minimize preparation time, they contain wonderful sketches and unreaches peoples profiles and they are inductive Bible studies that confront real-life issues.

You can see more about this curriculum here.

The Crew members will be receiving a curriculum that corresponds with the ages of their child(ren).  Please stop by Deeper Roots and check out all that they have to offer.  Then, be sure to come back here and read the Crews’ reviews.

3 thoughts on “Deeper Roots – Bible Curriculum”

  1. A wonderful resource for academic Bible study designed to speak to the heart of the teen seeking truth and guidance in their daily spiritual walk.

  2. If you have a co-op with Junior High boys, get this one…. but warn the moms first that there's a lot of writing opportunities.

    Good "across the curriculum" material too.


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