Dear Homeschool Mom …

Dear Homeschool Mom,

We are writing to you today to let you know that you are not alone.  Having feelings of being overwhelmed or feeling like you are inadequate for the task before you does not make you a failure.  It simply means you need a break.  It’s time to have a rest, regroup, focus, let go of some unrealistic expectations and continue on your journey.  From our hearts to you, today we would like to share some encouragement and words of insight from new homeschool mom’s and veteran homeschool Moms.

Today we would like to invite you to make a cup of your favorite beverage, set the children up with something that will keep them happy and come along with us as we share with you our hearts and words of encouragement.

Chareen @ Every Bed of Roses shares:

  • Dear Mom Who is Feeling Overwhelmed – Be True to yourself. Let go of the things that entangle and weigh down your homeschool and go back to the basics. Homeschool unique to you and your family.
  • Mother Culture – Time Out {Homeschooling Essentials} – Time to answer the question of What is mother culture and why you need to practice it daily in your homeschool.
  • Homeschool Burnout What is it?  How do you deal with it? Practical steps to help you heal and set up ways to combat it.
  • One Step at a Time – lets talk about the journey of homeschooling and how to take it one step at a time and prevent becoming overwhelmed and burnt out.

Linda @ Apron Strings & other things shares

  • Dear Homeschool Mom, You ARE Enough! – As homeschool moms we often feel the pressure to be everything and yet feel we don’t measure up. Linda shares how even in our weakness and insufficiencies we are just what our children need.
  • A Homeschooling Mom, Overwhelmed – So much to do, so many choices to make, so many people depending on us. What’s a mom to do? These 10 things will help you cope when you feel overwhelmed.
  • Homeschool Moms, Take Time to Consider – Do you find yourself rushing in and doing something just for the sake of doing something? Are you jumping in and changing course because everyone else is going a different direction? Linda offers advice for you to take time to consider.

Crystal @ Sharing Life’s Moments shares

Cassandra @ A Glimpse of Normal shares

  • Dear Homeschool Mom – We can easily fall into the trap of focusing on everything that goes wrong in our school, but let’s choose to focus on everything that is going right in our school.

Susan @ Homeschooling Hearts & Minds shares

Kym @ Homeschool Coffee Break shares

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