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Critical thinking is the process of identifying and evaluating evidence to guide decision making.  It is an important skill to learn for school and for life.  Critical thinking teaches you to study the evidence at a deeper level so that you can make informed decisions about what to do with the evidence.  This type of deeper level of thinking and analyzing evidence is exactly what The Critical Thinking Co.™ has been striving to teach students since 1958.  This company offers over 200 books, eBooks, and Apps that help children learn to think at deeper levels.

Recently the Homeschool Review Crew members were given a chance to review several different books from The Critical Thinking Co.™.  We received the following titles as either physical books or a digital download:

Understanding Pre-Algebra is a full math curriculum for grades 6 – 8.  This book teaches the concepts and critical thinking skills needed for success in Algebra I and future high school mathematics classes.  The lessons are presented in a logical fashion while stressing practice of the concepts and math vocabulary.

Critical Thinking Detective Book 1 is a 32-page book for grades 4 and up.  It is a collection of fun and easy detective cases for your student to solve.  These cases require students to read carefully while analyzing the information of the case to figure out who committed a crime.  It is designed to build your student’s observation skills, reading comprehension, and deductive and inductive thinking skills.

Something Fishy at Lake Iwannafisha teaches students in grades 5 and up to solve fun crime mysteries.  This book teaches them about the different types of forensic evidence and using the evidence along with their critical thinking skills to solve the cases.  It also teaches them to pick a path of investigation to solve the case and follow it through to the end to find the guilty party.

Critical Thinking Detective: Vocabulary is a 40 page book for students in grades 5 and up.  It uses detective cases to teach students new vocabulary.  Students are taught to use observation skills, reading comprehension, and deductive and inductive thinking skills to discover the meaning of vocabulary terms.

Dare to Compare Level 1 is a math book for students in grades 4 and 5.  It is a collection of 150 problems for students to solve.  They do this by learning to perform two or more calculations and then compare them to form a conclusion. Students also learn to use mathematical reasoning to come to conclusions about the problems in this book.

Vocabulary Riddles Book 1 is a 32 page book for students in grades 4-8.  This book uses fun and entertaining riddles to build your student’s PSAT and ACT vocabulary.  It helps students focus on definitions of words, parts of speech, synonyms, and antonyms while decoding riddles.

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