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Art is such an amazing thing, yet for many, it can be a real struggle to encourage our children in this area. Creating a Masterpiece online art curriculum is here to help!

Creating a Masterpiece Online Art Curriculum Reviews

We all know how good art is for developing creativity, encouraging those neural connections, helping with problem solving, and it can be so therapeutic too! With all of these benefits, it is clear that our children need art in their lives, but how can we make this happen without all the stress? 

Meet Sharon Hofer with Creating a Masterpiece. She has been all over the world studying art under some of the finest artists, at world-renowned art institutes and studios for three decades! She believes that anyone can create a masterpiece—including you!

She started Creating a Masterpiece online art curriculum to give aspiring artists step-by-step expert instruction as well as a gentle encouragement to create beautiful art. Her belief is that the teaching style must be simple enough for a child to follow. Thus her lessons are step by step so that any age and ability can follow along at each stage of the project. Your four-year-old can do the project right alongside your teen; parents and grandparents enjoy these projects too. 

Online Art Curriculum with Community

This community of art students of all ages and stages from all over the world enjoys learning and developing their artistic abilities using a variety of courses. Whatever you choose, these courses will build confidence and joy! With plenty of guidance, you will see that you too can create your own masterpiece-level art to enjoy and to share! 

These can be used as a family, as a group, or even for a school. You will learn skills like Color Theory, Composition, Dynamic Range, Emphasis, Highlights, Perspective, Shadow, Shape, Sight-Sizing, Symmetry, Foundations of Portraiture, Shading, Lost and Found edges, Media-Specific Skills, and More!

Courses are available in Acrylic, Colored Pencil, Conte’ Crayon, Copper Tooling,, Gouache, Oil Pastel, Pencil/Charcoal, Sculpture, Watercolor, Watercolor Pencils, and even Wood Burning!

Each lesson provides videos for you to use as you work through the project you choose. There is also a list of materials needed; she even provides links so you can just click and purchase whatever you need.

There are tips offered for each lesson to guide you as you learn and grow in your skills. She reminds students not to be afraid to hit the pause button; there are frequent reminders to slowly and carefully complete your project.

There are also Lesson Highlights for you to review after every video. These images can help you see where you should be at the end of each video. 

No matter your age or ability, you will enjoy this online art curriculum and see yourself grow as an artist. There is such an amazing variety of media and stages offered with Creating a Masterpiece. You can enjoy art; your children can enjoy art when you learn with Sharon Hofer! 

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Jennifer has been home educating her four children, from age 6 to age 15, since 2009 with a passion for freedom in learning. Residing in Wisconsin she works with local families to provide support and encouragement in their journey. There is nothing more powerful than when we learn and live together, growing closer to our Lord, and to one another—these are times too precious to step away from. Life is full of so many amazing opportunities and she is eager to share her experiences so others will know too that it will be well.

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