Children Can Learn About First Bank Accounts

This article is in collaboration with Buck Academy and their book about first bank accounts.

BUCK Academy’s mission is to “help parents to educate children about personal finance”, and to encourage them to start their first bank account. Entrepreneurial husband and wife team Dustin and Febyolla Goss created BUCK Academy because they wanted to teach their son about money but could not find any simple resources.

The authors of the book

Buck Academy publishes books focused on personal finances for youth. Mr. Goss authors the books, and his wife, Feboyolla, illustrates them. Currently, BUCK Academy offers four books. The Homeschool Review Crew received BUCK, FIRST BANK ACCOUNT to review this time.

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In the book a personification of a friendly dollar bill, walks through the steps necessary to open a bank account. Buck tells readers that having a bank account is “a privilege and necessary responsibility.“

It teaches

  • How to choose a bank.
  • What is a savings account?
  • What is a checking account?
  • What is a Debit/ATM Card?
  • What are the risks of a Debit/ATM Card?
Children Can Learn About First Bank Accounts

The book includes

  • A list of steps for opening a new bank account
  • A list of documents needed to open a bank account
  • A Bank Comparison and Assessment Form

While previous books targeted younger children, this book appeals to older children, tweens, and teens. In addition, tweens and teens with first jobs would benefit from reading this book and following the checklist to open a bank account for the first time.

All four books from Buck Academy

Previously the Homeschool Review Crew reviewed BUCK Making Cents and BABY BUCK, How much am I …? BABY BUCK, How Much Am I …? won the Homeschool Review Crew 2021 Blue Ribbon award for the favorite preschool product.

Read the Homeschool Review Crew Member reviews linked below to learn more about BUCK, First Bank Account, and how members used it in their homeschool.

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