How Do You Organize Your Homeschool Space?

Space….the final frontier…oh wait! Wrong show!  We’re here to discuss our homeschool space not outer space. The question of the week “How Do You Organize Your Homeschool Space?” is an interesting one. I personally have home educated my children at the kitchen table, the living room couch, the formal dining room turned school room, all … Read more

Blog Cruise: How do you handle multiple ages? AND How do you homeschool with a baby or toddler?

 I hope you are enjoying reading our Blog Cruise Topics each week! Isn’t it wonderful to glean from other homeschooling families’ experiences? Well, today our topic is one that several homeschoolers find themselves in the middle of at one point or another. Do you have children of multiples ages? How about an infant or a toddler? How on … Read more

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