Blog Cruise: How do you handle multiple ages? AND How do you homeschool with a baby or toddler?

 I hope you are enjoying reading our Blog Cruise Topics each week! Isn’t it wonderful to glean from other homeschooling families’ experiences? Well, today our topic is one that several homeschoolers find themselves in the middle of at one point or another. Do you have children of multiples ages? How about an infant or a toddler? How on earth can you homeschool and accomplish your goals with all of these children? Well, sit back, relax, and start clicking on the following links to learn how some from the TOS Homeschool Crew do it.

~ Lori @ Loving Learning at Home — Teaching Multiple Age Children

~ TOS Heidi @ Reviews & Reflections — How to Homeschool with a Little One in the House & How to Homeschool Multiple Ages

 ~ Lisa @ The Berry Patch — Babies and Toddlers and Homeschooling – Oh my!

~ Lori @ Hearthside Homeschool Reviews … and More — Homeschooling All These Kids … And What About Baby?

~ Jennifer @ a glimpse of our life — Multiple Ages

~ Laura O. @ Day By Day In Our World — Homeschool as the new One Room Schoolhouse

~ Debra @ Footprints In The Butter — Getting to everyone

~ Tonia @ The Sunny Patch — Keeping Little Ones Busy while you Homeschool

~ Jodi @ The Homeschool Desk — How do you handle multiple ages?/How do you homeschool with a baby or toddler?

~ Mama Squirrel @ Dewey’s Treehouse — Don’t let the baby eat the lesson

~ Nikki @ Joy in the Journey — Juggling Multiple Ages

~ Chris G. @ Army of 5 — Homeschooling is a Lifestyle

~ Heidi P. @ Chatter, Clatter and Things That Matter — The Modern One-room Schoolhouse

~ Debbie @ Debbie’s Homeschool Corner — Homeschooling More Than One

~ Erin @ Delighting in His Richness — Algebra and Diapers

~ April E. @ ElCloud Homeschool — How do I homeschool with multiple ages, especially little ones?

~ Annie Kate @ Tea Time with Annie Kate — Homeschooling a Handful

~ Jennifer @ Creative Learners — Many Ages ~ Many Stages

~ Wendy @ Our Crew’s Ship — Homeschooling with Older and Younger Children



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This post was prepared by Tina (tinab) of Tina’s Blog About Homeschool and Family Happenings. Hope you enjoyed our topic of the week.



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