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This article is in collaboration with BrillKids. Over the last 6 weeks, TOS Homeschool Crew members were given the opportunity to use the newest version of Little Reader BASIC by BrillKids. Can you imagine teaching the littlest of students to read? Can you imagine teaching your baby to read? Well, BrillKids has developed a multisensory approach of teaching even the youngest of students to read. This programs was developed to use with children from ages 3 months to 3 years when some people believe that reading can be readily and joyfully learned without much effort. Glenn Doman of the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential (IHAP) has this to say about how young children learn language:

“In order to understand language through your ear, there are three requirements: it has to be loud, clear and repeated. And instinctually, all mothers speak to their babies in a loud, clear, repeated voice. The reason babies haven’t learned their language through the eye to the brain as they have through their ear to the brain is because in order to read a language, it must be large, clear and repeated and this we have failed to do with babies. Make the words large, clear and repeated  and children learn very easily.”

Using a system that combines flash media, videos, sounds and more BrillKids helps your child learn to read in two 5 minute sessions per day. All you are required to do is sit with your child and interact with them naturally as the lessons play. Little Reader is fully customizable meaning that you can record your own voice reading the words and can also add your own photos to the program making it even more interesting for your child. When your child learns the word Mom he is seeing HIS Mom on the screen and/or hearing his Mom’s voice. What fun!

What makes this program different from other reading programs on the market are that:

1) words are flashed quickly on the screen engaging the right brain that remains strong until the age of six,

2) it is multisensory, holding your child’s interest and teaching her through sight, sound and motion for reinforcement. Over the course of the lessons your child will be introduced to a several different pictures, videos, fonts, and font styles for each word helping ensure that their interest remains strong. This also helps teach the full and comprehensive meaning of the words.

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Special thanks to First Mate Katrina from Mama Manuscripts for writing this article.

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