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Thanksgiving is my all-time favorite holiday. It’s not just the food or the cooler weather. It’s time with family and friends, making memories and filling the house with laughter. We have so much to be thankful for and books are a great way to remind children the meaning of Thanksgiving and start new traditions.

I would like to share some of my favorite Thanksgiving books that I have discovered this year. Some are newer that I found at local bookstores and online and others are classics that I found at the library or my own bookshelf. I hope you enjoy.

Board Books about Thanksgiving

Let’s start off with some board book suggestions for the little ones.

The Story of Thanksgiving – Cute and bright illustrations. Story tells about Pilgrims coming over on Mayflower and the first Thanksgiving feast. Good overview, great introduction of Thanksgiving holiday.

What is Thanksgiving? – Adorable artwork and the story of Thanksgiving is told in sing-song rhymes.

Celebrate Thanksgiving

Celebrate Thanksgiving: With Turkey, Family and Counting Blessings – This is part of the Holidays Around the World series. I love that this contains real photographs of families all over the US showing the different ways they celebrate Thanksgiving with food and festivals. There’s a little treasure in the back with map details which is great for us since we are studying US geography anyway.

cranberry thanksgiving

Cranberry Thanksgiving – This is a 1971 classic that I found at our library. Each Thanksgiving, Grandmother makes her famous cranberry bread and has hidden the recipe for fear that someone will steal it. And each year she invites someone to Thanksgiving dinner and allows her granddaughter, Maggie, to do the same. This year though, Maggie invites the one person that Grandmother is suspicious oitf, and of course blames him when the coveted recipe goes missing. The recipe is even included!

Thanksgiving Graces

Thanksgiving Graces – This is one of our favorites. A young boy begins to worry that there might not be enough food as his house fills up with guests for Thanksgiving dinner. His grandmother tells him not to worry and soon the young boy realizes that his family extends their hospitality just as it was extended at the first Thanksgiving.

balloons over broadway

Balloons Over Broadway – Have you ever wondered about the history behind the Macy’s Parade? I remember growing up watching the parade every Thanksgiving and trying to spot any newly added balloons. This story introduces you to Tony Sarg, the master puppeteer. The book is arranged almost like a scrapbook and I loved all of the typography.

More Thanksgiving Books

Here’s some more Thanksgiving books I recommend:

Fancy Nancy: Our Thanksgiving Banquet –  I really wish Fancy Nancy was around about 20 years ago, but my girls still love her. Nancy loves girly things and speaks French, what’s not to love??!! This Thanksgiving book even offers a craft idea.

A Turkey for Thanksgiving – The search is on when Mrs. Moose declares she must have a turkey for Thanksgiving. So Mr. Moose goes out searching for Turkey. Along the way, he gathers all of their friends that’s invited for dinner and finally finds Turkey, distraught at being found. There’s a nice ending though when Turkey is invited to eat dinner, not be dinner.

One Little Two Little Three Little Pilgrims – Follow and count along as ten little Pilgrims and ten little Wampanoag Indians prepare for the feast of the first Thanksgiving.

Thanks for Thanksgiving – A cute little book that helps you to remember the true meaning of Thanksgiving – to give thanks.

Thanksgiving Day – Written by one of my favorite authors, Gail Gibbons. Every time we approach a new subject to learn in school, I have to search to see if Gail Gibbons has written a book about it yet. With simple illustrations, this book covers the history and traditions of Thanksgiving.

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