Blog Cruise – Making homeschooling affordable

Welcome back to this week’s Blog Cruise! We have even more TOS Crew Members joining us in answering this week’s question, “How do you afford to homeschool? What are some ways to save money on homeschooling supplies?”

Homeschoolers are like most families, with different styles and different backgrounds. They are also teeming of ideas when it comes to saving money and being able to afford to continue their homeschool ventures. Be sure to visit the Crew blogs and read their thoughts on this week’s Blog Cruise topic, and kindly leave a comment or two! We hope you enjoy this week’s Cruise!

Renita @ Homedaze is “Counting the Cost” in her post.

Rodna @ Training Children Up for Christ says, “Homeschooling Doesn’t Have to be Expensive”.

Mrs. Taffy @ My Life on a Taffy Pull says, “Show me the Money!”

LaRee @ Broad Horizons discusses “Affordable Homeschooling”.

Debbie @ Debbie’s Digest talks about “Penny Pinching and Homeschooling”.

Debra @ Footprints in the Butter answers the question, “Isn’t homeschooling awfully expensive?”

Lisa @ The Berry Patch discusses “The Real Cost of Homeschooling”.

Lisa @ The Happy Homeschool Mom talks about “The Cost of Homeschooling”.

Christine @ Our Homeschool Reviews asks “Homeschooling – Can You Afford It?”

Catherine @ Serenades and Solace details “Weighing in the costs homeschooling, literally”.

Heidi @ Reviews & Reflections shares her thoughts on “Affordable Homeschooling”.

Julie @ A Teaching Heart tells us how to “Homeschool on a Budget”.

Heidi @ Chatter, Clatter, and Things That Matter writes, “A quality education doesn’t have to be expensive!”

Tess @ Circling Through This Life writes about “Making Homeschooling More Affordable”.

Heather @ The Blessings Pour Out shows how to “Homeschool for Free (or at least more inexpensively)”.

Isabelle aka Canadianladybug @ Life at Oak Grove discusses “The Cost of Homeschooling”.

Alyson @ Family Style School talks about how “Homeschooling is expensive, or is it?”

Be sure to stop back next week when TOS Crew Members will answer the question, “Do you use technology in your homeschool?”

This post was written and compiled by Jodi who blogs at The Homeschool Desk.


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