ARTistic Pursuits Drawing, Painting & K-3 Vol. 1 to K-3 Vol. 8 Reviews

Homeschool Art with ARTistic Pursuits

This article is in collaboration with ARTistic Pursuits.

Homeschool art education doesn’t have to make you nervous! ARTistic Pursuits has a full range of easy-to-use art lessons available for all grades that will help your students develop the knowledge and skill to find their creative voices through art.

Each of their products is available as either a Hardcover book with DVD/BluRay—a great choice for non-consumable, unlimited use—or Online Streaming with 2-year access to the 18-week course. The online option is available immediately with access to the digital flipbook (identical to the hardcover copy), which includes thumbnails for easy navigation & note-taking capabilities and additional tips and videos to help students and teachers.

The Review Crew has been exploring several different products.

Homeschool Art for Children K–3 Series

This 4-year, sequential course explores the history of art for your Kindergarten through Third-grade students as it teaches the BIG ideas in art history. It includes 8 volumes that you can move through in chronological order or jump to any specific time period you want to study.

  • K-3 Vol. 1 Art for Children, Building a Visual Vocabulary
  • K-3 Vol. 3 Art of the Middle Ages
  • K-3 Vol. 4 Artists that Shaped the Italian Renaissance
  • K-3 Vol. 5 Art of the Northern Countries, Renaissance to Realism
  • K-3 Vol. 6 Art of the Impressionists
  • K-3 Vol. 7 Art of the Modern Age
  • K-3 Vol. 8 Art in America

Each volume includes video instruction that will help your child learn how to use the art supplies, and a written text lesson to gain an understanding of art history and art appreciation.

Each volume features an emphasis on using different art materials. Watercolor painting, chalk pastels, paper cutting and folding, clay sculpture, printmaking, and much more are all introduced. Additionally, each time period contains historical and cultural lessons and visual images from the featured master artists.

A hands-on project to complete rounds out the presentation and allows for your new artists to practice what they have learned.

Homeschool Art with Artistic Pursuits @

Beginner Level Homeschool Art Core Programs

These beginner-level homeschool art books are for independent 4–6th graders who are ready to study drawing and painting in a more in-depth way. Each book contains 36 lessons with 9 full-length instruction videos. Students complete one lesson and one finished art project each week. Each volume contains:

  • Creativity Lessons focusing on building a vocabulary of the visual language
  • Art Appreciation and History Lessons
  • Master Lessons where students apply what they have learned and further develop their art skills

This program integrates video instruction for students to learn how to use the art materials. There is also a written text that includes copies of works by American artists and teaches art history, art appreciation, and the elements of art.

Designed for students to work at their own pace, students get a chance to increase their art knowledge and practice their artistic skills.

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