Apologia iWitness Review

This article is in collaboration with Apologia Educational Ministries.

The Review Crew was recently given the opportunity to review three books in the iWitness series from Apologia Educational Ministries.


These three new apologetics resources let you investigate the evidence for yourself!

iWitness Biblical Archaeology presents archeological discoveries which have shown the incredible accuracy of the Bible. Let this book take you to the archeological digs and view many of the most important finds!

iWitness Old Testament discusses the differences between the Old Testament and the Hebrew Bible, along with digging into who wrote the ancient books, how they were put together, and whether they are myth or history.

iWitness New Testament delves into topics such as:

Who wrote the New Testament?

How do we know?

How was it handed down?

How can we know we have the original text?

These books are put together to look almost like a “scrapbook” full of information, easy to read and follow the given information. iWitness will take you on a highly interactive journey through the historical facts and theories of the Bible.

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Apologia iWitness Review

A big thank you to Lori Moffit of My Journeys Through Life for writing this introductory post.

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