Horizons Homeschool Curriculum Review


This article is in collaboration with Alpha Omega Publications.

Alpha Omega Publications formed nearly forty years ago to create a Christian curriculum for Christian schools. When homeschooling began to move in more and more as an education option, Alpha Omega Publications was there, one of the early options for people choosing this non-traditional route in schooling their children. For over thirty years now, Alpha Omega Publications has been providing homeschoolers with award-winning curriculum options. Spend just a few minutes on their website and you’ll see their passion for homeschooling, for the gospel, and for providing curriculum for whatever learning and teaching style is needed with teacher-led, student-led, CD ROM, online, and unit study options.

For this review, the Crew was offered a huge selection of Horizons curriculum for preschool through grade 2. Crew members reviewed one of the following curriculum sets:

Horizons Preschool for Three’s Curriculum Set
Horizons Preschool Curriculum Set
Horizons Kindergarten Math Set
Horizons Kindergarten Phonics & Reading Set
Horizons Kindergarten Health Set
Horizons 1st Grade Spelling & Vocabulary Set
Horizons 1st Grade Math Set
Horizons 1st Grade Phonics & Reading Set
Horizons 1st Grade Penmanship Set
Horizons 1st Grade Health Set
Horizons 2nd Grade Spelling & Vocabulary Set
Horizons 2nd Grade Math Set
Horizons 2nd Grade Phonics & Reading Set
Horizons 2nd Grade Penmanship Set
Horizons 2nd Grade Health Set
Horizons K-2nd Grade Physical Education

Horizons is Alpha Omega Publications’ teacher-led curriculum option. It’s a brightly illustrated curriculum for grades Preschool-12th grade. With the spiral learning method using introduction, review, and reinforcement, Horizons has consumable workbooks and offers a complete curriculum for six core subjects.

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Alpha Omega Publications Review

A big thank you to Adrienne of a big (little) family for writing this introductory post.

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