A New Year’s Homeschool Round Up

 New Year’s Day is one of my daughter’s favorite holidays.

The New Year’s Eve day is the one celebration where our daughter is permitted to stay up past midnight, eat plenty of snacks and watch fireworks which are her absolute favorite. She get’s pretty excited about the celebration to mark the new year that takes place in our home so taking some time to focus on it is alright with her.

All the New Year’s traditions, songs, foods, and history are quite interesting so I’ve gathered together some resources on the New Year’s day past and present for you that can make for some fun learning as we get ready for the big day.

Wishing You a Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2015 Homeschool Round-Up

Music and Song

  • Carol of the Bells (Shchedryk) is another song traditionally heard around New Year’s time. It’s beautiful sound can be heard in this example in Ukranian (on Youtube) and the Lyrics and History.
  • Levy-Dew (A New Year Carol) is another choral song that is familiar to some around New Year’s time. I myself associated with period movies depicting New Year’s celebrations. Apparently it is a British folk song : Lyrics, and then a Youtube Example

Foods, Crafts, And Activities

New Year’s Homeschool Printables and Unit Studies

What’s New Years without printables to keep your kids busy during the cold days indoors? Here’s a round up of a few printables you can find online and a unit study for good measure.

Kemi homeschools her inquisitive 9 year old daughter and blogs at Homemaking Organized.

2 thoughts on “A New Year’s Homeschool Round Up”

  1. Great ideas! I throw a Happy Noon Year’s Party for my kids and their cousins every year on 12/31 – so they don’t have to stay up too late since they are little. It’s a ton of fun, and I’m going to be adding some of these ideas to our party activities!!! Woo-hoo!!


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