20+ Christmas Resources for Your Homeschool

20+ Christmas Resources

Christmas brings warm fuzzy feelings to our hearts but it can be really chaotic too.  It is often hard to maintain our school schedules. Some of us choose to take the month off, others like to have a little light fun activity and still other homeschoolers like to continue their routines, which ever type of homeschooler you are there are many resources here for you to choose from.

Last year my favorite study with the kids was on Reindeer. It was such a big hit that I have a feeling we will be doing more with it this year.  It felt like the right activity to share.   So let’s start with those resources first.


All About Reindeer Literature Study – This activity is found on Teachers Pay Teachers and is a study about Reindeer. The activity is for children in 1st and 2nd grade.  It includes writing prompts, Vocabulary, story maps, think and response sheet, how to make reindeer food and much more.  It is worth the value and probably would work great for a 3rd grader too.
Homeschool Shares Activity on the Wild Christmas Reindeer–  There are activity pages to go along with the book the Wild Christmas Reindeer. Wild Christmas Reindeer by Jan Brett is a story of an elf getting a reindeer ready for Christmas. Perfect again for those elementary ages.
Reindeer Job Application– Need a fun writing assignment. How about the kids pretend to be reindeer and have them fill out this job application. A fun way to add in some creative writing.
Rr is for Reindeer – An easy activity for your preschoolers while they learn about the letter Rr.  They also might just like visiting Santa as he feeds his reindeer live using the Reindeer Cam.
Olive the Other Reindeer Persuasive Writing Activity–  This is similar to the job application but can be used a with some extended writing as well. I love getting the kids writing over the holiday’s.
Watching Rudolph is a tradition in our home but Rudolph is seriously being bullied. It would be a great time to have that talk with your children about it. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Bullying.
Maybe you would like to bring holiday music into your home. Why not a study on some Christmas music. Check out some of these sources


Hymn Study – Homeschool Giveaway’s and Freebies has an amazing collection of activities you can do along with some lovely hymns. You will also find there the  5 Days of Christmas Carols.
Hymn Study from Contented at Home– Not of the hymns here are holiday but I thought I’d include it because the reason of the season is our Lord and Savior and we can worship him in many ways.
Nutcracker Unit Study–   Includes the story, vocabulary, Notebooking and More… You can download a free Nutcracker Lapbook to go with it.
Everyone loves the Song the 12 Days of Christmas I was able to locate s a  Free Lapbook From Homeschool Share.
Next on our list is Literature. Often it is easier if we can maintain the two basics in our day literature and Math.


Christmas Carol By Charles Dickinson-  There are many ways you can do your study on this classic Christmas story.  Maybe you would like the entire Novel Study or Interactive Notebook Pages This Christmas Carol Pop up book  looks great too. There are a whole list of activities at Teach beside Me. that you could use with one of the above Novel pages. They would be nice supplements to the study.
The Christmas Day Kitten by James Herriot- Lapbook Printables
Twas the Night Before Christmas  –   Use this Poem to practice some Grammar in the upper grades. (Free)  Teach the Structure of Poetry using this poem.  Kids might also enjoy adding their own twist to the poem by changing a few words here or there to create a new poem about their pet or what they think might happen.

Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg– 53 Activity Pages for elementary students or Free Printable PackHow about Comparing the book and movie. You might like to add some of these  Craft and Activities or help your little ones decorate these Polar Express Tickets . Don’t forget to  mix up some hot Chocolate too.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss- Rhyming, Sequencing and Verb Fun, Story Map and ABC order ,  and Describe the Grinch web and Game .

Christmas Copy Work (Free)


Need some simple math activities to keep the kids minds fresh and still have time to relax for the holiday ? How about some of these…

5th Grade Twas the Night before Christmas Math Activity

Winter Math with Mathwire – Pascal’s, tangrams, place value, glyph’s, themed pages, Gingerbread Geometry, and  Coordinate Graphing

Racing Rudolph- Dice Game – Learn number values

Bible Activities for the Season

Ultimate List of Nativity Resources– An amazing list from Spell out loud. Just about anything you would want in resources.

Homeschooling through the Nativity

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