Schoolhouse Review Crew NOW Taking Applications for 2015!

Schoolhouse Review Crew accepting applications for the 2015 Review Year

Are you a homeschool blogger? Are you a curriculum junkie? Do you enjoy writing reviews? Do you long to be a part of a network of supportive homeschool bloggers?   Then YOU might be perfect for the Crew! The Schoolhouse Review Crew is thrilled to announce we will be taking applications for the 2015 review year from October 13 – 26!   Some requirements for being a part of the Crew include the following: First of all you must be a homeschool mom or dad. You don’t have to homeschool all of your children, but you must homeschool at least Continue reading

WriteShop Giveaway

WriteShop Giveaway

Regardless of whether you are a good writer yourself, teaching someone else how to write can be quite a challenge, especially if that someone else happens to be your child. Fortunately, WriteShop takes all the pain out of the process. Recently, members of the Crew reviewed WriteShop. In today’s giveaway, one of you will have the opportunity to win this innovative curriculum written for your elementary students. Are you inspiring successful writers? Helping students to write well is one of the most daunting tasks facing teachers and homeschool parents. Award-winning WriteShop offers quality, parent-approved writing resources for kindergarten through high school, Continue reading

5 Easy Ways to Add Music Appreciation to Your Homeschool


(This post contains affiliate links.) If you’re like many homeschool moms, you know that you’d like to add music appreciation to your home, but you aren’t sure how to do it. I’m happy to share with you today 5 Easy ways to add Music Appreciation to your Homeschool! Two of the following are a type of curriculum, one is a free website, and the other two are free resources. 1. YouTube. What an amazing resource YouTube is! Yes, we do have to remain vigilant about it as there can be some unsavory videos uploaded there. Just be sure to stay Continue reading

Our Homeschool Day in Pictures

Our Homeschool Day in Pictures

  Rebecca @ Raventhreads – A Day in the Life: September Edition I think it’s really funny and interesting when I look back at this day to see how it was a real relaxed, and mostly big kid focused day. Since so many of my weekly wrap-ups are crafty and preschool focused right now, this probably gives a good picture of a day that’s more dominated by reading and bigger kid stuff. LaRee @ Broad Horizons – A Typically Untypical Day We’re homeschoolers, there’s not really any such thing as a typical day. Bethany @ Little Homeschool Blessings – Long Homeschool Days (with Continue reading

Online Writing Course for Teens (Fortuigence Review)

Fortuigence Review

If you have ever wanted to bang your head in frustration when teaching writing to a teenager, then you may be quite interested in learning a bit more about Fortuigence. This online writing course for teens might completely change how your child gets this subject done as the ‘heavy lifting of critiquing their work is removed from the homeschool parent’s shoulders. Lily Iatridis founded Fortuigence after more than a decade teaching in a traditional classroom. She wanted to create an environment where the students could have one on one feedback from their instructor, yet with some flexibility for both the Continue reading

Putting Experience Based Learning on a Traditional Transcript

FiberArts Collage final

We began our journey many, many years ago. . . with three main goals in mind. The first goal was to show our daughters Jesus Christ through our lives, the second goal was for us, as parents, to have the biggest influence in their formative years. We felt then, and still do, that God had called us to educate our children at home, to raise them up to follow Him. Our third goal may seem unusual in light of the first two, but if you’ll read on, I think you’ll see how it has worked out beautifully in our journey. Continue reading

Coming Soon! 2015 Schoolhouse Review Crew Applications!

Learn more about joining the 2015 Schoolhouse Review Crew

We will soon be announcing the application process for the 2015 Schoolhouse Review Crew year! I wanted to take just a moment to give those bloggers who might be interested in joining us some ideas of what we’ll be looking for: First of all you must be a homeschool mom or dad. You don’t have to homeschool all of your children, but you must homeschool at least one. You must be willing to use the review products with your students for about six weeks in your homeschool, before writing your review. Review periods have deadlines and requirements for the reviews. Continue reading

Excellence in Grammar! (IEW Fix It! Grammar Review)

IEW Fix It Grammar

What homeschooler is not excited for a chance to use a product from the Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW). The reputation of the quality products that IEW provides students is unwavering, and the Schoolhouse Review Crew had a wonderful opportunity to check out another great IEW product – Fix it! Grammar. The idea behind Fix it! Grammar is that in just a short lesson each day (approximately only 15 minutes) your student will hunt for and correct errors in a daily passage that, over time, tells a story. The student learns to apply new grammar rules to the passages. Continue reading

Eclectic Homeschool: A Look Back Over 20 Years of Homeschooling

Eclectic Homeschooling

I think eclectic is the best one word description that I can give when reflecting back on over 20 years of homeschooling. I have seen so many changes in our own family in the homeschooling world at large over the years. Our family started homeschooling in August of 1992. The Florida homeschool law was only 4 years old so while I don’t consider my family a pioneer it has still be a long journey. Over the years we have added children to our family and our homeschool life as others have grown up and moved on. The first year I Continue reading