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We have reached the final day of our  Teaching Creatively Blog Hop! I hope you have been enjoying reading about our first 4 topics, Delight-Directed TeachingSchooling in the Kitchen, Toys, Games and Puzzles, and Homeschooling in a CrisisThe Crew has certainly enjoyed sharing our thoughts on these topics.

For our last topic, we’ll be wrapping up with Hands-On Projects.

Children love getting their hands dirty — literally and figuratively. While reading, writing, and arithmetic are important, oftentimes it’s those projects and activities that really help solidify learning.

Members of the Crew are full of wonderful ideas to share with you. I hope you’ll come along to see what’s hands-on activities their families are enjoying!


This is a blog hop, so that means when you’re finished reading one blog post, you will find the list of participating bloggers in a linky tool at the bottom of each post, making it easy to hop to the next blog article to read.

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