Online Science for Homeschool Middle and High School (Fascinating Education Review)

Fascinating Education is a full online science curriculum created by Dr. Margulies.  Dr. Margulies wanted to encourage a love of science and he has found a way to take the technology that kids want to use and brings science to life. Fascinating Education offers online science  for middle and high school.

Fascinating Education

In Fascinating Education,  the teaching process approaches science through the “right hemisphere” of the brain.  Instead of just looking at textbooks to explain science, he uses simple, colorful slides as the teaching tool.  Audio helps students to understand the text included.

Fascinating Education offers classes in Chemistry, Biology and Physics, the audio-visual technique used by Fascinating Education allows for clear instruction.  It allows for a “right-hemispheric” learning approach to take advantage of the brains ability to process images more efficiently and effectively than just reading textbook.

Fascinating Education starts by teaching the students the basics of chemistry, biology or physics in plain English and working into the advanced areas of each subject.  Instead of just learning vocabulary, students learn science is part of real life and can be seen all the way around them.

Fascinating Chemistry allows students to learn about how atoms bond to each other to create molecules, and how each bond helps determine the properties of the resulting molecule.  Learn how these special molecular properties explain our everyday world – from water freezing to nuclear energy to food to metals to weather, and more.

Fascinating Biology teaches the basic principles of biology, including the components of life: cell membranes, taking in nutrients, creating chemical energy, growing and repairing, reproducing, maintaining a stable internal environment, and adapting to a changing external environment.

Fascinating Physics studies the laws of nature governing movement, energy and sound.  Learn about the forces of electricity, magnetism, gravity, and the atomic nucleus.  They will look at mathematical formulas and how they predict events around us.

Parents will like that they can follow easily what their student is learning, and there are also periodic tests available throughout lessons.  The easy to use format allows students to use independently or along with an instructor.

Fascinating Education has created an online learning environment that will bring out your child’s scientific curiosity and not just have them memorizing facts.  Fascinating Education can be used by any student whether they are homeschooled, in public school, private school or just want to take extra science courses.


Fascinating Education Chemistry, Biology, and Physics Reviews

A big thank you to Renita Kuehner of Krazy Kuehner Days for writing this introductory post.

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