Heroes of History and Christian Heroes Books Review

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As parents, all of us wish to point to worthy heroes as examples to our children. Sadly, our culture seldom promotes those values and character qualities that one can pronounce as “heroic.”

If this has been a concern in your heart you will undoubtedly find the Schoolhouse Crew’s newest review encouraging.

YWAMLogo_zpse2d5593aYWAM Publishing is a company that desires to provide quality literature that promotes prayer, discipleship, evangelism, and mercy ministries. Their books introduce us to men and women that have been heroes throughout history.

Rather than list facts and events, YWAM Publishing’s team of authors have enveloped their readers in the true character and sacrifice of their subjects.

The Crew had the privilege of reviewing books from two series of the YWAM catalog.

942The Heroes of History series feature political figures such as Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and Ronald Reagan. Those following present-day politics might find the biography of Ben Carson to be of interest. Included in this series are men and women of science and invention, such as; George Washington Carver and Orville Wright.  Lovers of literature will be delighted to see Laura Ingalls Wilder included, as well.

941The Christian Heroes: Then & Now series of books focuses on those men and women who have devoted their lives to answer God’s call. Missionaries like Amy Carmichael and Jim Elliot are featured. Author C.S. Lewis who penned the much loved The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. As well, there are the stories of the men and women who sacrificed so much in the face of evil….such as Corrie Ten Boom.

Reviewers also received Unit Study Curriculum Guide to accompany their chosen book. These guides provide a host of activities that will broaden any study. Students will explore culture, geography, and music. The guides also provide ideas for essay writing, Bible Studies, and many hands-on projects.

YWAM Publishing Reviews

A big thank you to Rebekah Teague of There Will Be A $5 Charge For Whining for writing this introductory post.

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