Computer Programming Software for Christian Families! (Computer Science for Kids Review)

For the past several weeks, the Crew has been reviewing computer programming software from Computer Science for Kids.
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The Crew reviewed two different products, Computer Bible Games for Microsoft Small Basic and Beginning Microsoft Small Basic.  

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Using Small Basic, a simple computer language that makes writing code easy even for kids, these two products teach Middle School children how to program.  In lessons designed to take between 3-6 hours each to complete, students learn to write simple programs culminating in demonstrating to the student how the Small Basic programs learned can be further enhanced in a more advanced computer programming language.  Not only do students learn basic (or Small Basic!) programming, then, but their appetites are whetted for further computer programming.

Beginning Microsoft Small Basic is comprised of 11 chapters teaching program design, text window applications, graphics window applications, and other features of Small Basic.  Computer Bible Games for Microsoft Small Basic differs from it only in that in place of Chapter 11 (which uses secular games to show how other computer languages can enhance the game experience), the program adds several new chapters explaining how to build computer Bible games.  The program is designed specifically for Christian homeschool families.

Computer Bible Games and Beginning Microsoft Small Basic are available fro $59.95, but are currently on sale for $34.95.  The price includes a single-user  license and digital E-book download.


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A big thank you to Laura Delgado of My (re)Viewpoint for writing this introductory post.

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  1. […] We had about 5 weeks to work with this program and we made it through 8 chapters. The recommended pace is one lesson a week and it generally takes 3-6 hours per lesson. We found that the beginning lessons were accomplished more quickly, but as the chapters progressed, we found it took us closer to three to four hours per lesson. We moved more quickly through the material because we enjoyed it so much that we didn’t want to stop. Here are some screenshots of the game we made in chapter 8: It was our favorite so far and everyone in the family played around with it. We can’t wait to get to the more complex games at the end of the book. There is a secular version of this program Beginning Small Basic available as well. You can read more about this at the Schoolhouse Review Crew Blog. […]

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