When It Doesn’t Come Together

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What is the ideal school day? The girls know what to do, when to do it, and get it done with smiles and cheer and helpfulness. We have a clean home, clean laundry, and home-cooked meals on the table. Every bedroom is picked up and the living room is presentable. There is no clutter and people enjoy coming to our home to visit.

The reality? Nothing like the ideal. Some days, some of it gets done. Other days, nothing gets done like it should. And once in a long while, it almost all comes together on the same day. Those are the days that make it feel possible to continue on.

Every day, though? We love each other fiercely (sometimes so fiercely that you would mistake it for fighting!) and want to be around each other. We wouldn’t give up this privilege of educating our children for the world because in reality, educating to stand out in this world is the most important thing. We are working to learn and grow and become who God has created each of us to be.

And that is something that comes together even when the ideal doesn’t. Because God is in it. Because God controls it. Because God knows we are striving to honor him. So, when it doesn’t come together? That’s okay.

We will start by focusing on God. We are actually editing a bit about our Bible time to focus more on God as a family. We will focus on His Word, on praising Him, and on prayer. This focus will direct our paths and pull more of our lives together. Morning Bible time has always helped us keep things more “together.” So we are putting it back as a focus in our schooling, together.

Tomorrow, we will pick up a few things, do a few schoolwork pages, read a few books, play a few games. Somewhere along the line, we will do some laundry, maybe clean a bathroom, cook some dinner and do the dishes. And you know what? If we do those things, then day by day it all comes together after all.

So on those days when it doesn’t come together and there seem to be more issues than solutions, know that it has truly come together when you put all of the days together. And know that you are honoring God by teaching his children to love Him and love others. And know that it all will come right in the end.  At Home.

A big thank you to Lori H of At Home: where life happens for writing this article.

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