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So many moms struggle to help their children with math. Some of us are more confident, but still need a little help now and then. You can read and read and read the instructions on how to complete a type of problem, but sometimes you just need a human being to explain things to you. But what’s a mom to do when it’s just you and your son or daughter at the kitchen table? Virtual Nerd to the rescue.

For a little over a month, many members of the crew have had the opportunity to use the instructional videos at Virtual Nerd. Virtual Nerd has over 1,000 videos to help you, and your son or daughter, with their higher-level math and science on-line videos. With Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, and Algebra II and Physics videos already in place, Virtual Nerd provides students, and parents, with the one-on-one instruction we so often need in the maths and sciences. Plans are in place to add Geometry, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus as well as Physics with Trig, and Chemistry in the next year. Biology will be added after that.

Virtual Nerd offers unique tutorials that are neither dry nor boring. Utilizing their patent-pending Dynamic Whiteboard™, the presentations are graphically pleasing and easy to follow. While watching the video, the student (and parent) can also see Diagram and Step-by-Step instructions that are usually color-coded, and always helpful. You can use the step-by-step instructions to jump ahead to an instruction or go back and review something already presented.

Virtual Nerd has four different pricing plans that begin with a one-day subscription. Their different options give you the opportunity to use only when you need them. Look to the very bottom of the signup-options page and you will see a “2-hour free trial” also. This would give you an excellent taste of this helpful program.

There are lots of ways to contact Virtual Nerd. You can even write your own question on the contact page and a member of the Virtual Nerd staff will reply to your question. They also have a FAQ page that will answer a lot of your questions.

100 crew-members spent time with Virtual Nerd for the past few weeks and each of them will be able to offer their unique perspective on this video tutorial website. Be sure to check out several of the crew reviews using the linky tools below to learn more about this valuable resource.

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Special thanks to First Mate Lori Lynn from Life on the Roller Coaster for writing this post.

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