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This article is in collaboration with The Write Foundation.

Writing.  That is one of the subjects that seems to strike fear in the hearts of homeschooling parents everywhere.   Advice is often given to find a co-op class where the kids can work on writing… and that is just the sort of environment that led to The Write Foundation.

Rebecca Celsor found herself teaching writing at a homeschool co-op, and the lesson plans she developed for that course became the basis for a product now offered to homeschoolers everywhere.

There are three levels to The Write Foundation, and each level consists of 30 lessons.  A level can be completed over one year or two, and you can purchase either a full level or a half level.

·    Level 1:  Sentence to Paragraph.  Suggested for ages 11-13, this level focuses on the sentence — constructing a basic sentence, improving sentence structure, and moving on to combining sentences into a solid paragraph, or even a two-paragraph paper.
·    Level 2: Paragraph Writing.  Suggested for ages 12-15, this level starts with writing a basic paragraph, adding new sentence structures and styles with each lesson.  You move into two-, three- and four-paragraph papers, ending with the introduction of the five-paragraph essay.
·    Level 3: Essay Writing.  Suggested for ages 14-17, the level starts with three- and four-paragraph papers with a focus on brainstorming, outlining, rough drafts, and editing.  It then moves into the five-paragraph essay, and progresses to longer essays as well as a research paper.  This course also covers timed essays.

All of the levels include creative poetry writing, logical thinking exercises, and plenty of guidelines and checklists.

Check the links above to see samples from lessons 1 and 16 of each level.  The complete curriculum package for each level includes a spiral instruction manual, loose-leaf student worksheets, and an additional resources CD.

Crew members received the curriculum package for lessons 1-15 for the level of their choice.

Crew Members will sign below with links to their review posts. Please click through the links to read what they think of The Write Foundation levels they received.

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Special thanks to First Mate Debra from Footprints in the Butter for writing this article.

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