Reading Program for Struggling Readers

This article is in collaboration with Dyslexia Gold. Do you have a struggling reader? Unfortunately, many parents feel overwhelmed with pressure to fill in the gaps whether or not their child has been diagnosed with dyslexia. Dyslexia Gold can help! Dyslexia Gold, an online reading program for struggling readers, can help! They address not only … Read more

Homeschooling Struggling Readers in the Upper Grades

Falling Through the Cracks By the upper grades, many special needs students have developed compensation strategies that allow them to ‘get by.’ Often, in schools, these strategies allow the student to be passed to the next grade, though they may not have the basic skills necessary to perform well at this higher level. According to … Read more

Crossbow Education Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Crossbow Education. The Crew recently had the opportunity to use a product from an award-winning company that specializes in multisensory teaching resources – Crossbow Education. When you visit their website you will find that they carry several tools designed to help you create a learning environment that promotes student … Read more

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