Blog Cruise – Homeschooling During Illness or Family Crisis

Homeschooling is a full-time commitment.  What’s a homeschooling parent to do should she or her children become ill?  What about times of family stress or crisis?  How does one continue with school during times of illness or stress in the home?  This week’s Blog Cruise question asks just that:  “How do you homeschool during illness … Read more

Blog Cruise – How Has Homeschooling Affected Your Family?

Notice that this week’s question is “How HAS homeschooling affected your family?” and not “DOES homeschooling affect your family?”  There is no doubt that homeschooling cannot be done without some sacrifice of time and money. But are the benefits worth the sacrifice? These Crewmembers think so! Take a cruise through their blogs to read why. … Read more

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