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Pitsco Education

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Learning can happen anywhere. Harvey Dean, educator and entrepreneur, founded Pitsco Education in 1971 creating a hands-on kit in a garage. From there these projects have grown, while all STEM focused, integrating the core disciplines which enable problem solving, creativity, team work, working and thinking with your hands and your head, and the ability to articulate ideas. They provide competency-based, collaborative, hands-on learning opportunities for grades K-12. 

STEM Explorer Pack Stem Kit

The STEM Explorer Pack includes hands-on materials and at-home curriculum with step-by-step instructions to build five projects and 15 challenges and activities. Intended for kindergarten through fifth-grade students this guarantees hours of fun as they create, invent and explore. 

STEM Creator Pack Stem Kit

If you have older kids, they are sure to enjoy the STEM Creator Pack that is designed for students in Grades 6-8 and features activities in science, technology, engineering, math, and more! All activities are hands-on and encourage  hours of creation, exploration, discovery and innovation. 

STEM Innovator Pack

They even have a STEM Innovator Pack just for our high school kids. Make kites, trebuchets, solar cars and catapults. Everything you need is included so they can create and design right away.  

Family Design Challenges Kit

The Family Design Challenges Kit was designed in cooperation with the TGR Foundation, specifically for families, to increase engagement at home and teach STEM concepts. Recommended for Grades 3-8, this kit includes materials and instruction for 3 weeks of activities. Instructions are available in English and Spanish languages. Proceeds from the kits will go directly back to TGR Foundation’s educational programs, which support high-needs students and learning communities around the world. 

Code Cube™ Single Kit

Have hours of fun with the Code Cube™ Single Kit. Code Cube™ is a wearable tech learning tool that includes a programmable LED screen with  built-in accelerometer and sound output features so students can employ block-based programming, creating artistic animations, colors, and patterns, playing sounds or changing as they move around.

Smart Buddies Stem Kit

Smart Buddies At Home includes a self-balancing coding robot controlled by the Smart Buddies app. Students use coding via the app, as Smart Buddy and his or her Siggy move, light up, make sounds, and solve a variety of code-based missions. Choose your buddy and get started. 

Arduino Education Student Kit

The Arduino Education Student Kit is designed for children ages 11+, to be an introduction to integrated electronics, circuitry, and coding step by step. This kit includes one Arduino UNO Rev 3 board, a collection of sensors and actuators, and access to an online content platform. 

Pitsco Education is doing their part to create confident and future-ready leaders through their many products that encourage all ages to explore and create!

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A special thank you to Jennifer King from A Peace of Mind for writing this introductory article. 

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