Homeschooling Online with Orphs of the Woodlands Review

Do your kids find reading boring? Looking for a fun way to encourage your children to read and enjoy a story? You will want to read on. The members of the Schoolhouse Review crew recently had the opportunity to review the fun and engaging online reading adventure from Star Toaster.

Star Toaster is company producing online books, geared towards kids grade 4 and above, which offers you more than reading. It offers “an educational journey that combines a reading adventure, an academic treasure, and a rewarding game”.

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 Orphs of the Woodlands, transforms your children into spies of the WAK Underground. Their task is to help orphs get to a place called Ivythwhite, where they were born and  lived until the Night Creatures orphaned them. Along the way they accumulate gold stars that allow them to provide for the needs of the orphs. They also have to fulfill a mission of finding a hidden treasure.  While doing so they get to navigate a world of adventure and fun learning as they complete jobs, meet new characters, and overcome obstacles.

The beauty and appeal of Orphs of the Woodlands lies in its interactive and engaging features. The graphics are outstanding and draw you in. The story is enticing and filled with humorous teaching videos that you can access anytime, either by clicking on them during the story, or when you do jobs for your orphs.

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Orphs of the Woodlands covers a variety of subjects in the lessons woven throughout the story: math, science, vocabulary, Latin, Arts, famous quotes, music, and even cooking through recipe ideas. Your children even get to practice their critical thinking skills. The teaching is not only embedded in the story but also taught through the training for the projects that they have to fulfill.

With Orphs of the Woodlands, not only can you read and get captured in a story, where you learn about numerous topics and enlarge your vocabulary; it also has a game component that kids will enjoy as they get to take care of their orphs. Character traits are another aspect that you will love. One of the creators’ goals is to seek to nurture good, positive values in the kids as they make their way through the woodlands.

Star Toaster is commited to keep you, the parent, informed as to what your child has been learning.

Star Toaster offers a free Trial, so try it for yourself. 

If you want to learn more, connect with them on social media through Facebook and Twitter.

Star Toaster Review

A big thank you to Joelle from Homeschooling for His Glory for writing this introductory post.

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