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Have you ever longed for you children to draw closer to the Lord and to have a more effective devotional time but didn’t know how to teach them? Maybe you’ve found different methods for them to try but none have ever worked. Have they tried The Spiritual Circle Journal? Several members or the Schoolhouse Review Crew received a wire bound Spiritual Circle Journal for Kids and Teens from Spiritual Circle Journal for review.

The Spiritual Circle Journal for Kids and Teens is a new way of journaling! Although it involves writing in a book, it is really not like a typical journal at all. With the Spiritual Circle Journal for Kids and Teens, a child reads a passage of scripture and then fills in nine unique shapes which are actually nine prayer areas that will help him think through what he has read and apply it to his life.

The nine prayer areas are:

  1. Journal Entry
  2. Lyric/Verse
  3. Message
  4. Confession
  5. God Moving
  6. Lesson Learned Light-Bulb Moment
  7. Prayer
  8. Thank You/Adoration
  9. Actions

The journal contains instructions, a sample journal page, 66 journal pages, and 15 summary pages as well as separate pages for personal use.

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Thank you to Tim from Families Again for this introductory article.

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