Sneaking School into the Busy Days

Sneaking School Busy Days

Lisa @ Chicken, Bunnies, and HomeschoolHow I sneak in extra school

Sneaking in extra school on long car journeys can be “downloadabley” easy and free!

nicole schoolingsun

Kemi @ Homemaking Organized BlogWhere Did You Learn That?!

Okay before you think I’m talking about learning swear words and unseemly behavior let me put your mind at ease.


What I’m talking about are the hidden gems I found in some of my daughter’s favorite cartoon characters.

Debbie @ Debbie’s Homeschool CornerFlexible Homeschooling

Sometimes life just gets in the way of my carefully planned schedule. Here are some ways we’ve thought of to fit school into these “disrupted” days.

Kym @ Homeschool Coffee BreakIf We’re Homeschoolers, Why Aren’t We at Home? 

Here we go again. Another ‘school day’ during which we’ll get precious little of the actual ‘schoolwork’ done because we’ll be out running around and busy with other things. It’s one of the ironies of homeschooling – aren’t we supposed to be at home? Schooling?

Beth @ Ozark RamblingsThe Walnuts Come First

The stuffed mason jar is a visual reminder on prioritizing my busy days.

Annette @ A Net in TimeSqueezing in Schooling

You know how you get some days that are crazy busy? Doctor appointment, sports event, church thing, and what not? Even days when you have field trips but… you really need to get in some book learning too?

Just how do you squeeze it all in?


Brandy @ Kingdom Homeschool AcademyToo Much to Do. Not Enough Time

You know those days, we all have them. You look at your planner and say “How are we going to get anything done?”


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