Bible Study for Teens Review

This article is in collaboration with Prasso Ministries.


Are you looking for something to do with your teens this summer? Consider doing what 50 members of the Crew have been doing for the first part of the summer: using part of the day to study God’s Word with Prasso Ministries! Prasso, a Greek word meaning continually, repeatedly, and habitually practice, is a perfect name for a company whose mission is to help Christians continually practice the Bible in their daily lives.

Teen-Prasso-Homework-Manual-300x201Crew members received The Teen Prasso Teacher’s Manual and the Teen Prasso Homework Manual. Both books are spiral bound for increased ease of studying and writing. Together, these products will help you to help your teen (with your assistance) spend more time with his or her Bible this summer in the following chapters:

Lesson 1: God Your Heavenly Father

Lesson 2: God’s Love

Lesson 3: Why Doesn’t 1+2 Add Up in My Life?

Lesson 4: It’s All-Out War

Lesson 5: The Enemy’s Lies…And Where They Lead

Lesson 6: Pressure!

Lesson 7: Anger

Lesson 8: Forgiveness

Lesson 9: Two Brothers – Pride and Selfishness

Lesson 10: Refocus

Lesson 11: Prasso, Putting It All Into Practice

Lesson 12: The Journey

The Teacher’s Manual mirrors the Homework Manual, although the chapters have different names. Each Lesson includes a teaching outline and teaching tips.

To connect with Prasso on social media, visit them on Facebook.

Teen Prasso Review

A big thank you to Laura Delgado of My (re)Viewpoint for writing this introductory post.

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