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This article is in collaboration with Vocabulary Cartoons.

Expanding an individual’s vocabulary is most meaningful when learning new words in context.  Memorizing definitions outside of context is difficult.  Memorizing lists of words and definitions can add up to little more than struggle and failure.

New Monic Books uses an enjoyable and entertaining approach to learning new vocabulary through the use of the mnemonic device.   Vocabulary Cartoons  is a unique a way to engage students as they learn new vocabulary words.  And it works!  Each of 210 words is presented in black-and-white cartoon style with a definition alongside a very short story to further illustrate the definition. A pronunciation cue is given for every word using a rhyming word association.  Each page has a simple, visually uncluttered layout, allowing students to absorb information quickly.  Story illustration examples makes sense, bring context to new words, and are often fun and quirky, which add fun and engagement to learning new vocabulary words.

Check out the Vocabulary Cartoon samples online.  Read what TOS Crewmates have to say about Vocabulary Cartoons, below.

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Special thanks to First Mate Penny from Homeschooling, Autism, & “Stuff” for writing this introductory article.

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