Music in Your Homeschool

music in your homeschool

Could you imagine being king? And not only king, but the first king your nation had ever seen. Talk about pressure. Well, consider King Saul. Not only did he have the responsibility of ruling an entire nation, but he was the very first king that the nation of Israel ever knew. Before him, the nation was ruled solely by judges. Could you imagine trying to adapt to this new role, the power and everything that goes with it?

No wonder King Saul called for David, son of Jesse, to come and play his harp for him. It is because there was power in the music of one who had a heart after God. Saul was in a highly important position yet when he needed to find peace, he called for the musician of God.

Enter the homeschooling parent. Do you ever feel overwhelmed with the responsibility of your child’s education? Maybe you are the pioneer in your circle of friends to pave the way of homeschooling. It’s possible that this is something new to you, your family or those around you. You know this is what you are supposed to be doing but maybe for you, it just hasn’t been done before. Or, maybe your embarking on a new teaching style or method this year that goes against traditional ways. One way to ease the stress of these changes or challenges in your homeschooling is by incorporating music into your everyday routine. Music, in many forms, can help both you as the parent and your child to stay focused and on top of things throughout the day!

What does music in our homeschool look like?

When my kids were all five and under, I would hand them all rhythm instruments; (tambourines, triangles, or rhythm sticks) and we would start out each morning with several songs. Fun kids songs and Christian songs alike. Now that they are older, we have turned this time in the morning into a time of worship, where each child can pick a worship song to sing together before our school day begins.

But the music does not stop there! When working on copywork or seatwork throughout the day, we often turn to classical music. Having the music playing in the background helps my children to stay focused and alert rather than allowing their minds to wander at this time.

We also take full advantage of the power of song in their learning. I could say the first four words of any popular kid’s song, such as “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” and in a heartbeat you could sing the whole song. Songs that we learned as children often stay with us the rest of our lives. So, when learning about the Solar System we learn the planets through song. The books of the Bible, in song. The oceans, all in song. Kids pick up things in a tune or melody quickly and efficiently so why not take full advantage of this learning technique? I have found more success in teaching my children facts through song than through any other method thus far!

Then comes the more technical aspect of music. Lessons (we use the online kind). Practice. The fun stuff. Presently we are working on piano. Sure, it requires time, work and effort but it is all entirely worth it!

My thought is that if I use music in a healthy way to teach and guide when they are young, then when they are older they will be drawn to songs that are beneficial rather than harmful to them. And just maybe, like David, they can be used by God to bless others!

Heather Vogler blogs at Thrift Schooling

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