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As parents we all have thought, What If? What if we can’t teach them everything they will know for standardized testing or advanced classes later? It is good to know there are programs out there to help us in areas we feel we are lacking. That is what It’s NOT Greek to Me! from Ready to Teach is—a Greek vocabulary program that will enhance your child’s learning in this subject. Over the past month or so, The Homeschool Review Crew has had to opportunity to use this program and can now share their experiences with you.

It’s NOT Greek to Me!, a Greek vocabulary curriculum, is designed to provide tools that will help develop skills to unlock your existing knowledge of vocabulary. The Greek Morpheme (parts of a word originating from the Greek language) Analysis is what this program is all about. They believe you know more vocabulary than what you realize, but need instruction to recognize that. This program will use smaller words, over 200 of them, to construct word meanings that will leave a lasting result. They believe that this approach is more fun and even more challenging for students, so they retain more.  

This program was developed by Dr. Alene Harris. She has a Ph.D. in Education and Human Development. She is respected by her peers. She developed the Ready to Teach management program while teaching other teachers through coursework and workshops across the country. She has a passion for her work and is committed to getting her methods out there to help others. She continues to research these methods and improve them.

The It’s NOT Greek to Me! set includes 3 parts. A softback Instructor’s Manual, a Student Book, and a flash drive.

The Instructor’s Manual is over 126 pages long. It includes:

  • Complete Lesson Plans
  • Test and Lesson Keys
  • Student Activities Answer Keys
  • FlashCards
  • Bulletin Board Ideas and Graphics

The Student Book is about 112 pages long, is not meant to be reused, and includes:

  • A place for notes
  • A space for all lesson activities
  • A mystery story presenting morpheme-based words in context
  • 12 colored pages for making study cards for each individual lesson

The flash drive has PowerPoint lessons to go along with the book lessons. They bring more enhancement to the lessons and will help guide your student.

This program is completely self-paced. The student can use this on their own. Each lesson will build on the last and will take your student through learning activities of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. It is unique in how it engages all three brain pathways such as your visual, auditory, and tactile. The flashcards will reinforce what is being taught. It will bring a whole new perspective on learning vocabulary words.

Thank you to Betty Daley of Let’s Get Real for writing this article.

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