Homeschooling Math Curriculum: Combining Workbooks and Online Learning

This article is in collaboration with Educo International, Inc, a Homeschooling Math Curriculum.

Math is the subject that many homeschoolers worry about the most. Does my child have any gaps in their math education? Are there areas that my child needs to strengthen? Will they be able to move into higher math with the skills they have now?

Educo Learning Center is an online homeschooling math curriculum from Educo International Inc. that can help relieve some of these worries! Educo Learning Center has courses for grades one through eight, covering more than 8,000 math skills. Their method is Learn – Practice – Apply and Excel.  

Homeschooling Math Curriculum: Combining Workbooks and Online Learning


There are tutorials for each math concept taught. These tutorials are not videos but step-by-step animated screens. First, the program introduces and explains the concept. Then it gives several illustrations showing how to solve the problems. 

The program offers the option of slowing down or speeding up the animation to suit your child’s abilities. For example, if your child is a slower reader, slowing down the animation will be helpful for them. Likewise, speeding it up may be more suited to an older child with a faster reading capability. 

Each tutorial includes activities such as puzzles and games to help with understanding. This homeschool math curriculum is a fun way for your child to solidify these concepts. 

Image of the cover of two books of Homeschooling Math Curriculum


Educo Learning Center divides each concept into subcategories. Each category includes practice sheets and quizzes for each subcategory. In addition, there are unlimited math worksheets your child can use to practice as much as needed. There are also variations of each set of questions to help your child master these skills. 

Educo Learning Center provides your child with instant feedback on the practice sheets. Your child is then offered the chance to try again with a similar problem. On the quizzes, the responses are recorded but not shown until the quiz is submitted. Then, the program grades the quiz instantly, showing you any missed problems. 

Physical Workbook Practice

The Educo Math Workbook Series is a companion to Educo Learning Center. If you do not want to print worksheets or complete the practice online, you can purchase a physical workbook. Each workbook covers one grade level.

Grade 3 Math Workbook cover

Apply and Excel

Each section has a review and test at the end to see exactly how much your child understands the concepts. This review ensures your child has a solid grasp of the concept. 

Each student also has progress reports showing the number of skills attempted and mastered time spent on each activity, and average scores. 

Another fun incentive is the badges your child can earn. Some badges are awarded for scoring a 100% on a chapter test, while others are given for spending a certain amount of time on the program each week. 

The program is available on any electronic device, including cell phones. Educo Learning Center is a homeschool math curriculum available as a yearly subscription, with access to all eight grades. If you’re curious about this program, you can also find a five day trial access on their website.

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