Homeschooling at a Schoolhouse

Are you a homeschooling parent who wishes to gather with like-minded parents to raise your children with a Christian worldview? Homeschooling at a Schoolhouse can be the answer! For parents who are already members of, Church Schoolhouses offer the perfect solution to gather with other homeschoolers and grow as a community.

A Schoolhouse is a local homeschool co-op where homeschooling families can gather together in a safe environment and teach courses to homeschooled students in preschool through twelfth grade. Meeting twice weekly, inside a local church, children will have the opportunity to socialize with children of multiple ages and grades, take top-quality classes, be encouraged and supported, and participate in extracurricular activities as well. 

What Is a Schoolhouse?

A Schoolhouse is a homeschool co-op that meets inside a local church using the courses and platform. There is no enrollment fee. The only requirement is that the family holds a membership to This gives them access to all the course materials and tools they will need for attending the Schoolhouse. The access to will provide the family with a variety of other great resources too! 

Homeschooling at a Schoolhouse means you can share your homeschool workload among other families. Parents will sign-up to teach classes from They can pick and choose which ones will meet the needs of their Schoolhouse. And there is no limit on how many they can offer or how many classes a student can take. This is only limited by the local Schoolhouse’s resources and time.

A Schoolhouse might be different from other homeschool co-ops in that parents remain at the facility. The parents will be the ones teaching. Schoolhouses have a Christian worldview with no common core courses. The Schoolhouse is also a network. If there are five local Schoolhouses, parents may register their children for courses at any one of the Schoolhouses. 

What Does Homeschooling at a Schoolhouse Look Like?

Every Schoolhouse will be unique as the families choose from the over 400 courses available on to set the course catalog of their Schoolhouse. The curriculum at includes courses for preschoolers up to twelfth grade. Parents may choose to teach American History in Picture Books, Apologetics: Creation vs. Evolution, Geometry in Real Life, or any others offered on 

Paul Suarez of The Old Schoolhouse® shared, “The courses they select are then offered at a local church twice weekly. Families complete the rest of their studies at home for the remainder of the week. A Schoolhouse is a community, and every family receives instruction while parents help teach or assist, as students enjoy classes together.”

Homeschooling at a Schoolhouse

Why Homeschool with a Schoolhouse? And How Can I Start a Schoolhouse?

There are many benefits to homeschooling at a Schoolhouse. You and your family will be part of a Chrsitian, Bible-based environment where you will be able to maximize your homeschool time. Children will be able to socialize and interact with their peers in small and large group settings. Schoolhouses can also help with tutoring and setting up extracurricular activities such as holiday events, yearbooks, or graduations. 

In addition to the academic benefits of homeschooling with a Schoolhouse, parents will also receive encouragement and support. They can teach the subjects they love and outsource the subjects they are not as strong in. And since Schoolhouses are networks, parents will be able to network with other parents. 

“If you are interested in joining or even starting up a Schoolhouse in your city, fill out the short form at, and we’ll get you more information,” invited Suarez. Author

This article has been written by Kristen Heider. She is the Business Building Team Manager of The Old Schoolhouse® and the Social Media Manager of She shares more about her family’s homeschooling journey at A Mom’s Quest Teach.

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