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Homeschooling and dads are not two words that are very often found in the same sentence.  More often than not new home educators and those researching home education often ask, what is the role of the dad in homeschooling?  This question has as many answers as there are families who home educate.   For some families dad takes on teaching subjects that he is good at such as math or science.  For others he takes the role of head master who oversees the home education of the family.  In some homes like ours, he is the hands on person. (I’m too squeamish to do dissections so my Knight graciously rescues me and does them.)  There is no right or wrong answer to the question, what should the dad in our homeschool be doing?  Today a few of our team would like to share what the role of Dad is in their home school journeys.

Chareen at Every Bed of Roses shares Dad’s Helping Hand in our Homeschool – Our journey started with unrealistic expectations and some wise words helped us to find balance and a word on the subject from my husband.

Betty at Let’s Get Real shares Let’s Talk Life Skills – It is our responsibility to get our children ready to face the world. We work on life skills each and every day. I’m thankful my husband helps in this area of their schooling.

Deann at As We Bloom shares How We Homeschool: Dad! – What Dad does to help us homeschool

Meredith at San Gabriel Farm shares Dad in Our Homeschool – My husband does not teach on a regular basis, but he is our Principal, Provider, and Mentor. Without him our homeschool would not exist as it does. Read how my husband participates in our homeschool without actually teaching.

Wendy at Ladybug Daydreams shares How Dad Helps in our Homeschool – Some brief thoughts on ways (both traditional and non) that Dad helps out in our homeschooling experience.

Annette at A Net in Time shares

Amber at 200 Fingers and Toes shares Find your family’s personal rhythms and schedule without comparison or guilt – Finding a rhythm so our children are able to connect with their Dad.

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  1. My husband completely co-teaches in our homeschool as we both work outside the home and this is the only way it could work. We have different approaches, and I’ve learned to let him do things his way and I do things my way. The kids are used to it and it works well for us.


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