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The last thirty years have shown an explosion of “screen time” with younger and younger children, and left parents struggling to find a way to keep children entertained. Recently, the Schoolhouse Review Crew had the chance to try out Clued In Kids, a company that provides a fun, educational way for parents and children to spend time without turning on the TV.

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Parents were allowed to choose from one of nine printable options, including

puppy-pilgrimSeasonal treasure hunts

  • Hallowe’en – This is a hunt in a Hallowe’en card! The hunt includes a card, clues, tacks for taping clues to hiding places, tattoos to use as the final treasure and a pouch to store them in
  • Thanksgiving – This printable hunt includes 12 clues to help children understand the reason and history behind the American Thanksgiving tradition
  • Winter – Another printable hunt that helps keep indoor-bound kids busy using 12 clues and a host of fun activities

gluten-free-icon2-e1409583849969Nutrition-based hunts

  •  Gluten free – Designed for the child with allergies, ADHD, autism, and other issues that might have parents looking for information on a gluten-free diet. This is a printable hunt that takes 8 minutes to set up and is designed to accommodate 1-10 kids at a time, and teaches lessons about nutrition and helps the child understand a new diet.
  • “Happy Tummy” hunt – Another printable hunt that helps give lessons on nutrition and diet changes that can be set up in 8 minutes

dragonEducation-related themes

  • Homework Reward – Clues in this printable are designed to help kids get the energy out after school or chores are completed.
  • Multiplication Dragon – Includes five hunts designed to help the 7-9 year old age group remember their multiplication tables up to the 6’s. This printable hunt includes puzzles, riddles and fun math-based activities.


  • Baseball – Twelve clues including puzzles, baseball trivia, math, mazes and more
  • Soccer – Twelve soccer-based clues in a printable hunt for 1-10 children

In these printable options, parents print out the series of five clues along with the place the next “answer” should be found. Each set requires only 8  minutes of set up time for about 20 minutes of fun and learning!

Parents could also choose from a handful of Physical Clue Pads

  • Christmas in a greeting card – The card includes clue cards, a treasure box pouch, tattoos and still only takes 8 minutes to set up!
  • Playdates – The clues in this booklet include a variety of challenges that allow multiple ages to participate. Participants will find things like counting chocolate chips on cookies, mazes, secret codes and other fun tasks geared towards a party group.
  • Princess – A fairytale-themed booklet and puzzles that includes tasks for the knights as well!
  • Pirate – A booklet that can be used as the main attraction at a pirate-themed party or just an afternoon of fun for 1-10 children.
  • Slumber party – Fun includes dares, secret codes, folding clues and more to help participants get into the fun of sleeping over!

Each Clued In Kids pad or printable takes approximately 8 minutes to set up, and will provide an hour or more of fun for children ages 4 and up.

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A big thank you to Melissa of Little Connections for writing this introductory post.

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