Celebrating the Homeschool Mom 

In May, families in the United States celebrate several important holidays, including one that allows them to celebrate the homeschool mom. We celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday in May each year to honor, love, and show respect for moms. This holiday can take on special significance for homeschool moms because of the additional responsibilities they take on to support their family. 

Just as every homeschooling family is unique, every Mother’s Day is unique. Some homeschool moms love to be showered with praise and affection while others would like to quietly be acknowledged. There is no wrong way to celebrate the homeschool mom. We can show our gratitude for her hard work in a number of ways, not only on Mother’s Day but on each day of the year. 

Let’s look at 85 ways we can celebrate the Homeschool Mom throughout the entire year! 

Homemade Crafts 

There are so many fun homemade crafts that children can make either on their own or with a little bit of help from their grandparents, father, older siblings, or other family members. Children can celebrate their homeschool mom throughout the entire year and demonstrate their creativity and love. 

  1. Homemade cards for Mother’s Day, Christmas, or just because!
  2. Homemade flowers with tissue paper, construction paper, origami paper, or other simple materials 
  3. Wreath to hang on the door 
  4. Handprint crafts to remember the small size of your children’s hands. Hands can be traced and cut out or created using paint 
  5. Pottery or vase 
  6. Children paper doll portraits. Using either a photograph of your child or a self-portrait, children can create their own figures with movable limbs using brads to attach their head, arms, and legs  
  7. Suncatchers can be made using glass, plastic, tissue paper, or coffee filters
  8. Bookends to hold mom’s favorite literature 
  9. Pencil or pen holder 
  10. Knit or crochet a sweater, scarf, or blanket 
  11. Sew or decorate a new apron 
  12. Create a new painting for the wall
  13. Jewelry 
  14. Quilt 
  15. Screensaver or wallpaper with family photos 
  16. Make a puzzle 
  17. Write a thank-you letter 
  18. Record a thank-you video 
  20. Windchime
  21. Ornaments 

Special Days or Evenings  

Celebrating the homeschool mom can be done by setting aside special days or evenings for just the mom to do something fun on her own or with the entire family. Plans can be made in advance and older siblings and fathers can help book a cabin at the lake for the entire family or a day at the spa just for mom. You are only limited by your imagination. 

  1. Go on a family hike 
  2. Scheduled a spa day for mom to enjoy either by herself, with friends, or with her daughters 
  3. Visit a museum 
  4. Visit a botanical garden 
  5. Plan a day at the pool 
  6. Lake day 
  7. Beach day 
  8. Shopping day
  9. Camping trip  
  10. Visit the Renaissance Faire  
  11. Family game night (We shared several from Byron’s Games that would be great for a family game night.) 
  12. Virtual field trip or safari 
  13. Family snowball fight 
  14. Sledding day 
  15. Escape Room adventure—You can either book an escape room or complete one in your own home
  16. Book a family photo session  
  17. Painting class 
  18. Glass-blowing class
  19. Book an exercise class 
  20. Visit the Farmer’s Market 
  21. Visit a winery 
  22. Book a flowering arrangement class.
  23. Book a cooking class. 
  24. Complete a puzzle together. 
  25. Visit the hair and nail salon. 
Celebrating the Homeschool Mom Homeschooling Finds brought to you by The Old Schoolhouse® child holding flowers behind his back

Special Meals

Another wonderful way to celebrate the homeschool mom can be through preparing a special meal for her. Whether you treat her to breakfast in bed or you plan an afternoon lunch at her favorite restaurant, there are so many ways to enjoy meals together. 

  1. Go out for Sunday Brunch after church 
  2. Serve mom breakfast in bed 
  3. Family dinner at a favorite restaurant 
  4. Ice cream on the boardwalk
  5. Dessert for dinner 
  6. Prepare her childhood favorites for breakfast, lunch, or dinner   
  7. Thank you tacos night 
  8. Plan a meal based around carnival food such as funnel cake, corn dogs, curly fries, or cotton candy 
  9. Favorite takeout 
  10. Pizza and a movie 
  11. Bake her favorite treat 
  12. Fondue night 
  13. Indoor picnic 
  14. Try a new recipe 
  15. Cook a meal with mom 
  16. Prepare a special tea time  

Showing You Care

There are a multitude of ways you can show the homeschool mom that you care. From gifting her a gift certificate to her favorite homeschool curriculum company to taking the day to clean the house without being asked to do so, you can celebrate your homeschool mom every day! 

  1. Clean a room for your mom 
  2. Purchase something from her wishlist 
  3. Buy her tickets to a concert or art show 
  4. Buy a bouquet of flowers
  5. Buy a plant for the garden 
  6. Gift her with a coffee mug with a funny saying or sentimental saying
  7. Supplement her coffee or tea supply with someone new or a favorite 
  8. Attend a homeschool convention with her 
  9. Take care of the pets for the day 
  10. Do a load of laundry 
  11. Do the dishes for the day 
  12. Watch her favorite television show or movie with her 
  13. Create a playlist of her favorite songs
  14. Learn to play or sing her favorite hymn 
  15. Purchase her favorite sweet treat: chocolates, donuts, etc. 
  16. Bring home a new animal for the homestead 
  17. Help mom in the garden 
  18. Create a scrapbook together 
  19. Watch family videos together 
  20. Write family goals 
  21. Spoil her on Mother’s Day 
  22. Convert old home movies to digital 
  23. Start a book club with your mom 

It’s Time to Celebrate

How will you celebrate the homeschool mom? You can pick a special day like Mother’s Day, mom’s birthday, or any day where she might need to feel special. If you want to hear more about celebrating the homeschool mom, visit the Show Notes for the Hey, Mama! Homeschool Show Podcast for How Should We Celebrate the Homeschool Mom?

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