My Access

My Access is an online writing program from Vantage Learning that will help your student become more motivated in the area of writing.  This will create confidence and better grades.  Students’ essays are  graded instantly by the program’s powerful scoring engine. To further understand how this program works, I’d encourage you to watch these demonstration … Read more

Educational Diagnostic Prescriptive Services

Jill J. Dixon, the author behind Educational Diagnostic Prescription Services, holds a Bachelor of Science in English Education (magna cum laude) and a Master’s Degree in Special Education (summa cum laude). She has many years of teaching experience, working with students of all age levels.  She has written MANY books to help fellow homeschoolers on … Read more

Hank the Cowdog

Have you ever heard of Hank the Cowdog?  If you’ve been homeschooling for long, surely you have!  Hank is pretty famous in the homeschool marketplace.  I had heard of him, and even seen displays at the local homeschool convention but, truth be told, I had never actually read any of the books or seen the … Read more

Memoria Press

The Homeschool Crew is finishing up our first voyage with some wonderful products from Memoria Press.  Memoria Press had originally chosen 3 of their best-selling products to send out to the Crew for review, but were very flexibile in allowing our members to “pick and choose” something else that might better fit the needs of … Read more

WriteShop Primary (Book A)

Earlier this year, the Crew reviewed StoryBuilders by WriteShop.  Now, several Crew members have received the newest book available from WriteShop – WriteShop Primary, Book A. Book A is the first in what will be a series of 3 WriteShop Primary books (books B & C are coming soon!)  This series is written by Nancy … Read more

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