By the Way Book Series: New York City, Ireland, Indiana & Alaska Reviews

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By the Way Book Series written by Joy Budensiek and illustrated by Stephanie Robledo are books with a difference.  These beautiful books allow you and your children to “visit” different places and experience them with beautiful color photographs and illustrations. Not only will you learn the geography of each area but you will be given scientific facts scattered throughout the stories, learn about native plants and animals and historical figures pertinent to the region.  These fabulous children’s nature books with a Biblical worldview have grown by four new titles which the Homeschool Review Crew have had the blessing of reviewing over the last few weeks.


Join Alex and Lexi as they travel with their family along the Canadian and Alaskan coast.  Learn about beautiful eagles, graceful whales and playful seals. Visit Anchorage, Denali National Park, Fairbanks, Minto, Nome and travel north above the Arctic Circle.


Join the family as they visit Indiana for Thanksgiving. Discover covered bridges, Abe Lincoln’s old homestead, the Santa Claus village, fish farms and limestone quarries. Discover some interesting animals and beautiful birds.


Time to pack your bags and discover far away places.  Join Alex and Lexi as they discover old castles, big cities and quaint little towns.  History comes to life and their days are filled exploring Kylemore Abbey, the Cliffs of Moher and Blarney Castle.  Not only do they learn about a rich Irish Christian history but they discover more of God’s beautiful creation.

New York City

Back home in the USA Alex and Lexi join their youth group for a few fast paced days in the “Big Apple”. Join them as they experience other culture groups and an exciting day at the zoo.

By The Way Books Series has been written in the hope to encourage Christian parents and grandparents to talk to their children about God and spiritual truth in daily living.  The books hope to equip parents and enable them to have positive scriptural conversations and share how God is involved in our everyday lives teaching valuable lessons about life, God and creation. Be sure to connect with the Author on social media via Facebook – By The Way Books.


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