Blog Cruise — Homeschooling an Only Child

It seems that there are many larger families in the homeschooling community, and finding families homeschooling with just on child is a bit rare.

Homeschooling an only carries with it many advantages, as well as a few challenges. Come along as members of the Homeschool share a little of both.

Lori @ Special Connection HomeschoolHomeschooling with One Child

“When you think of homeschooling you often picture a fairly large family with a lot of activity, however that is not always the case. There are some families in the homeschool community who, like mine, have only one child at home.”

Beth @ Ozark RamblingsHead of the Class (of one)

“The good news is that he’s a shoe-in for valedictorian, the bad news is we haven’t yet figured out how to hold debates or start a chess club. “

Christine @ Our Homeschool ReviewsHomeschool Just One

“Back when we decided to homeschool, we didn’t know that we would end up with just one child.”

Debbie @ Debbie’s Homeschool CornerHomeschooling an Only

“My youngest child is eight years younger than her sister, so while her homeschool years overlapped homeschooling with her next oldest sister for a couple of years, for the most part, she has been the only one home during the school day, and, for the past two years, the only child living at home.”

Marcy @ Ben and MeWhy Homeschooling an Only Child Rocks!

“If you look back in history, one-on-one tutoring was the preferred method of education. So, while there are minor disadvantages ( I really wish Ben had someone else to play games like Risk and Monopoly with!), the advantages far outweigh them.”

Thank you for joining us for this week’s Blog Cruise. Join us next week when our topic will be  Homeschooling with Games.

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