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Do you have a desire to guide your family through the Bible? Wish there was an easy way to take this walk using whichever version of the Bible you already own? The Bible Study Guide For All Ages is such a program. This Bible Study Curriculum provides a framework that allows you to use resources you already own. And, each child can work through pages geared for their particular level.

With a total of 416 lessons, you will walk through the entire Bible over a 4 year period. Students are given the opportunity to put what they are learning into practice with each lesson. This helps with solidifying the ‘big picture’ for them.

Each year has a mixture of Old and New Testament with all ages studying together. Student pages are available for different age/grade levels with the same Scripture studied across the levels. As each lesson covers the same material at their level, when a child outgrows the current level you just move them into the next lesson of the next level

Beginner (age 3-K) includes memory work, review, and introductory activities. No reading is required of the student as the parent/teacher guides them through the work. The Beginner Time Line set of cards and a Children’s Songs CD Set are optional items that work in concert with the student pages.

Primary (1st & 2nd grade) bridges the gap between very low-level readers and more advanced readers. Because of this, the Teacher Guide is considered essential. Bible Book Summary Cards and the Children’s Songs CD Set are referenced in the student pages but are considered optional.

Intermediate (3rd & 4th grade) incorporates an interactive, illustrated Bible study, review games, Bible drills, timeline and map drills, application activities and more. The student pages are written in such a way that the child can guide themselves or the teacher walk alongside with them on the journey. Bible Book Summary Cards are mentioned often in the student pages.

Advanced (5th & 6th grade) challenges the students to think for themselves and apply what they are learning to their lives. Like the 3rd & 4th grade level, the student pages are written in such a manner that they can self-guide. They will also engage through an interactive, illustrated Bible study, application activities, Bible and memory drills, timeline, maps and more.

A newer addition to The Bible Study Guide product line are the Wall Maps and Timeline sets. The wall maps include a timeline (76″ x 25″), three maps (38″ x 25″, 19″ x 25″ and 19″ x 25″ .) You can purchase a set of full-color, removable pictures and names in a ring binder to help you utilize the maps and timeline. This set is optional and recommended for 1st grade on up.

For longevity, the use of a reusable adhesive for the figures and lamination of the different maps and the timeline is recommended. They can be placed either on the wall or onto sheets of cardboard or Styrofoam for portability.

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