Looking after the Homeschool Mom

I’ve been home educating for many years now (almost two decades) and I’m feeling tired. On thinking about it I came to realize that I have not been practicing what I preach to my homeschool mama friends. Look after yourselves. This is a marathon not a sprint journey.  I first learned about the art of … Read more

Sharing the Load

I’ve been on this homeschool gig for many years and I sometimes feel a bit inadequate teaching a given topic to my punks.  Maybe that’s just me.  Or… just maybe you sometimes feel the same way.  Thankfully, I don’t have to sail this homeschooling ship all by my onesies.  Savvy (to paraphrase Captain Jack Sparrow)?  … Read more

Homeschool with Confidence & Internship for High School Reviews

  This article is a collaboration with Apologia Educational Ministries. Apologia Educational Ministries are known for their creation-based science and Bible curriculum among the home educating fraternity. They believe deeply in homeschooling and, as such, want to support home educating families from those just starting, families who are veteran or somewhere in between and have … Read more

Homeschool Rescue Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Only Passionate Curiosity. Do you want to breathe new life into your homeschool? Are you struggling? Do you feel you are not doing a good job? Do you get overwhelmed? Do you feel alone? Homeschool Rescue from Only Passionate Curiosity is here to help! This online course is designed … Read more

How Homeschooling Can Continue During a Break or Vacation

We all need a break sometimes, don’t we? Us homeschooling parents seem to be “on” all of the time between teaching our kids, and having our kids with us all of the time, sometimes we just need some down time. Our kids need that too. Their brains need time to rest and recharge just like … Read more

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