Brinkman Adventures Giveaway

Brinkman Giveaway

What happens with you start with the wacky adventures of a big family and mix them with exciting, true stories of modern-day Christian heroes?

You get an audio drama series called The Brinkman Adventures!

A few weeks ago we shared 100 reviews of this fun and engaging series. Today, 10 of you can win your own copy of The Brinkman Adventures Season 2 MP3 Album (a $17 value).

Join the family as they flee Mexican bandits, dive for hidden pirate treasure, and explore an ancient French castle with a secret.  These exciting episodes tell modern day missionary stories through the escapades of the wild and crazy Brinkmans.  They are guaranteed to captivate the entire family.

Scroll down to enter the giveaway using the Rafflecopter below. But first, read what a few of our Crew members had to say about The Brinkman Adventures:

From Jennifer at a glimpse of our lives:

“God’s providence is evident throughout the circumstances shared in the Brinkman Adventures Season 2: Episodes 13-24. This series is about a modern homeschooling missionary family.”

From Dawn at Our Little Monkeys

“The drive usually seems so long, but with the Brinkman Adventures playing, we arrived at co-op feeling disappointed to get out of the car. We were always anxious to find out what would happen next!”

From at The Mommy Journey

“The Brinkmans travel to different places and meet all sorts of people. They write about their wild and crazy adventures and the wonderful people they meet along the way on their blog. The Brinkmans represent your modern day family. Having a big family, they encounter problems and their faith gets tested through the challenging circumstances they face daily.”

From Anne-Marie at Future Flying Saucers

“I cannot express to you how amazing these radio dramas are. You just have to listen to them.”

From Adriana at Homeschool Ways

“I like how they define so many diverse concepts throughout the stories: epipens, Jean-Paul Sartre, Bach, what to do when chased by bandits in Mexico, what the missionary life is like, how to deal with grief and loss, how to like annoying people, how to rejoice with those who rejoice even when they got what you still don’t have and many others.”

From Michele at Faith, Family, and Fridays

“Love this! Really, we do! Books are important in our house, but sometimes we just enjoy sitting back and listening to a story told to us. When those stories are about God and His people, well, that makes it all the better!”

From Heather at Thrifty Schooling

“This is such a unique and quality product and I highly recommend it! This would be great to listen to on long trips in the car or on a rainy  day at home! “

Martianne at Training Happy Hearts

“I don’t think a day has gone by without someone in our house listening to a portion of these exciting, often humorous, sometimes moving, and always faith-centered missionary stories.”

Sharon @ Life with the Tribe

“The Brinkman Adventures begins with a large, homeschooling family with a flair for adventure. When you add in true accounts of missionary stories, you have the recipe for entertainment that is exciting, encouraging, and inspiring. We must not forget the loads of laughter that will happen as well.”

Lynn at This Day Has Great Potential

“As we have listened to the CDs, it’s been like catching up with old family friends.  The Brinkman family deals with some of the very same struggles that we face — and they use the security of GOD’s Word to help them work through any issues with calm and clarity.  I am reminded that my GOD is a GOD of PEACE and not a GOD of chaos.  HE is never caught off guard.  HE is always ready.”

Erin at Water on the Floor

“There are very few products like this that can truly entertain the whole family, and this is one of them. Regardless of your children’s ages, they can all enjoy listening to these audio dramas.”

Angie at Petra School

“Once these stories get going – it is hard to hit the pause button. There is a perfect mixture of background music and sound effects. This is not your ‘old time radio show’ quality. The voices and descriptions transport you to Texas, China, on trains, traveling, fixing broken RV’s, finding lost rings, and going on their adventures, side by side. A whole host of actors separates this sound from a ‘book on tape’.”

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